Connecting with Nature in Aged Care
Connecting with Nature in Early Childhood Education
Neurodiverse Friendly Environment in Child Care
Neurodiverse Friendly Environment in Aged Care
Celebrate Harmony Day in Child Care
Respecting Cultural Diversity in Aged Care
Online Aged Care courses for learner success
How to write the perfect Aged Care CV (template included)
How to write the perfect aged care cover letter (template included)
A helpful guide on government funded courses
Partnering with Groworx: aged care training solutions
Write a great child care cover letter (plus free template)
Crafting the perfect early childhood education resume (Template included)
Advantages of virtual classroom-based learning
Studying aged care: Melissa Hart leads learners to success
Celebrating Advent: Crafting an awesome calendar
How to reduce Holiday Loneliness for Seniors in Aged Care
Staying SunSmart in early childhood education centres
Protecting elderly people from the heat this summer
Curious about an aged care career? Learn insights from Corryn’s journey
World Nursery Rhyme Week: Why Nursery Rhymes are Important
Celebrate Halloween in Early Childhood Education
Inspiring lifelong learning this Children’s Week
Nutrition in aged care: making meals matter
Inspiring careers in aged care: a chat with Samuel
Managing mental health and wellbeing
Supporting healthy ageing: Inspirational seniors
Simulation day for your aged care course: what to expect
The role of sign language in early childhood education
Answering your questions about studying aged care
Study aged care online with our updated certificate III
Why literacy skills matter in early childhood
Saying thanks on Early Childhood Educators’ Day
Maximising Student Tax Deductions: What Can You Claim at Tax Time?
Australian books to introduce this Book Week
How to make your LinkedIn profile shine
The role of aged care workers in protecting the elderly
How you can find employment after studying
Smart partnerships for workforce growth
2022 survey results show increase in student outcomes
QUIZ: Is working in aged care for you?
Quiz: How your skills can work in early childhood education
Support from our Learner Success Team
Best start, best life: the need for educators in the early childhood sector 
Climbing the ladder in early childhood education and care
Diversify your career in aged care: leadership, leisure and health
Meet our Language, Literacy and Numeracy Coordinator, Stacey!
Digital safety for older individuals
Online safety for young children
Are you born to be an educator?
Upskilling or reskilling for a rewarding career in aged care
Born to care: Become an aged care worker
Children’s mental health: building resilience in children
Tackling the big questions that children ask
5 Things I wish I knew before my first day working in aged care
The top 4 funniest stories from working in aged care
Hilarious things you’ll hear from children in early childhood
Top early childhood education blogs for 2022
Things I wish I knew before my first day
Debunking 5 myths about working in early childhood
Busting the myths about working in aged care
How many people in VET get jobs after their studies?
87.1% of learners trust independent skills providers
Opportunity awaits: high job demand in aged care
Understanding the latest ECEC National Workforce Census results
Make the most of high job demand in early childhood education
Answering your questions about studying early childhood education with us
New career pathways into leisure and health
Reminiscence therapy – unique support for the elderly
More than one pathway to a meaningful career
Do I have the skills to work in aged care or early childhood?
The importance of friendship and companionship for the elderly community
Workforce Solutions: Meet our learners
Ten ways to teach children about cold and flu etiquette
Which aged care training delivery mode suits you?
Choosing a delivery mode to suit your early childhood studies
Digital literacy for effective work online
Mentoring: fostering strong relationships between learners and trainers
Transferable skills for a meaningful career change
Start your career in aged care with a traineeship
Aged care jobs: Home care vs Residential
Workforce solutions in 2022: Supporting new educators entering early childhood education and care
How to refresh your study space
How Selmar partners with Employment Service Providers to support services
Gain the skills you need for a leadership role
Support your business by working with an RTO
Caregiver burnout: prevention and recovery
What makes a Selmar graduate?
Workforce solutions for the aged care sector in 2022
Advantages of classroom-based learning
A career path with rewarding opportunities – Learner experience
Selmar’s ECEC Online Community Hubs
Jobs Victoria Fund – everything you need to know
Aged Care Employment Program – benefits for employers
JobTrainer extended funding: everything you need to know
A guide for job seekers looking to work in aged care
International Women’s Day 2022
Selmar’s partnership with the Head Start Apprenticeship Traineeship Program
Returning to study as a mature age student
Work Readiness Program – learner experience
We’re here to support you
Learning trends for maximising outcomes for learners in 2022
Don’t let your ATAR score prevent you from fulfilling your dreams
Why your service should support trainees
EXTENDED: Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements funding – 50% wage subsidy traineeships
Supporting aged care staff and the sector
Caring for diverse aged care residents
Head Start: Studying early childhood education while in VCAL or VCE
What are the benefits of studying online?
Adaptive skills for a career in aged care
Why school leavers should consider a career in aged care
Support with ECEC staff recruitment
Adaptive skills to shape inspiring early childhood educators
What early childhood education and care course updates mean for learners & the sector
Recruiting your best aged care team
The right aged care training for you
Positive habits for a successful year
Flexible work for better balance
New year, new you! Goal setting for success
Safe holiday celebrations with the elderly
Selmar learners satisfied: NCVER survey results
Prevent and manage burnout in workplaces
Selmar’s New Aged Care Employment Program
Giving back dignity to dementia patients
The benefits of traineeships for ECEC services
Helping children have a positive start to learning
Enhancing the aged care workforce with traineeships
How to become a room leader in early childhood education
Why cultural diversity is important in ECEC
Kick off a meaningful career with a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
Could education be the secret to ageing well?
Using experience to upskill
Things you can do right now to thrive in your career
Certificate III in Individual Support – Different streams for different careers
eLearning: The future of learning online
Easing back into the ‘new normal’
National Carer’s Week
World Mental Health Day: Self-care for learners and workers
How to support children’s wellbeing
Considering a career change? Switch to aged care
Creative ways to improve early childhood occupancy rate
The importance of play, fun and adventure
Assisting elderly residents to embrace technology
Building partnerships with families
Keeping aged care residents connected to loved ones
Striving for National Quality Standard excellence among COVID restrictions
How educators can support children in an ever-changing environment
Home care and the changing face of aged care
Leadership in the aged care sector
Royal Commission recommends Certificate III as minimum qualification
Health and wellbeing for personal care workers
Changing careers and finding meaning in the aged care sector
Working in early childhood education: a smart career choice
Boosting staff morale in challenging times
Aged care – more than just a job
Lockdown ideas with young children
Seasonal Affective Disorder in the elderly community
COVID-19 Update – Supporting you through your learning
Skilling to make a difference in an essential sector
How to find a high quality online course
Supporting your team to upgrade aged care qualifications
Combatting loneliness in aged care
What makes a great leader in early childhood education?
Improving staff recruitment in aged care
Languishing – the mental health ‘in-between’ of the pandemic
Tax time savings for learners
Educator wellbeing and imitation in early childhood
Strengthening relationships in aged care
Dementia advocacy within the aged care sector
National Reconciliation Week 2021
Building connections through education
Find the job you want
Using social media to promote your aged care facility
Federal budget to boost early childhood sector growth
Social media tips for your centre
Federal budget reveals more aged care training
Advance your career: Danielle’s experience
Create an effective activity plan for your early learning centre
Career change: From hairdressing to early childhood education
Upskilling, reskilling, and enhancing the aged care workforce
The ultimate guide to a career in early childhood education and care
Support with experience: Short Courses Manager
Your guide to a career in aged care
The importance of a quality training provider
Discover a career in Leisure and Health
How to find and keep quality staff in early childhood
5 signs you should work in early childhood education
The valuable role of home care
Should you work in aged care? These 5 signs say YES
Open minds and open hearts — Early childhood education study experience
Practical Placement Coordinator: Michelle Gleeson
Advance your career in early childhood education
Support and flexibility to fit in upskilling, work and parenting
Short Courses: What are they and is it worth it?
From Diploma to placement and an offer of employment: The study experience
Celebrating Easter in aged care facilities
Top Easter activities for early childhood services
Do you have these skills for aged care?
Short courses to explore in the aged care sector
The time to start a career in early childhood education and care is now
Looking to invest in your workforce? Have you considered traineeships?
Commonwealth traineeship wage subsidy program
Aged care jobs grow as sector booms
A conversation on relational leadership with Catharine Hydon
Re-thinking aged care with Dr Stephen Duckett
How to prepare for an aged care job interview
How to prepare for practical placement
Understanding our human-centred approach to education
Respect, Care and Dignity: A Summary of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety
Skills needed for successful educators
Understanding advance care planning
Work placement for experience while studying
7 things you may not know about working in aged care
How to build successful study habits this year
Funding your future: How to cover your course fees
Getting back into studying after a break (even a long one)
Exploring early childhood education career pathways
Finished Year 12? Now launch into a fulfilling career
RTOs vs TAFE: What are the differences
Understanding aged care career roles
Top summer safety tips for seniors
JobTrainer explained: what is it and who can access it
What is a traineeship and is it right for you?
Healthy Digital Habits for Families
Essential Guide to Aged Care Holiday Activities
Inclusive Early childhood holiday activities
Kinder funding boost to maximise Term 4 outcomes
Carers in aged care – enhancing quality care
Staying COVIDSafe in early childhood services
Teaching Emotional Intelligence in Early Childhood
Back to work with Certificate 3 Guarantee Boost Funding
Healthy eating to optimise early childhood
Wage subsidies to boost your business
Caring and compassion for mental health
COVID-19 Royal Commission special report – A summary
A safe return to early learning
Millennials find meaning in aged care jobs
Nurturing soft skills in early childhood education
Essential aged care qualifications for a thriving career
Knowing when it’s time to upskill
Improve infection prevention and control in aged care settings
What I’ve learnt in my career in aged care
What to consider when changing careers
How we can grow a more culturally competent society starting with our children
Supporting staff wellbeing during COVID
What to expect when studying online for the first time
Saying thanks on Aged Care Employee Day
Early Learning Matters
Case study: An inside look at infection control in early childhood services
What could you earn as an aged care worker?
Infection control in early childhood centres
Customer feedback to grow a better business
Why should you work in the aged care sector
The power of professional development for a motivated workforce
Top techniques to help learners de-stress
Tax deductions for learners
Time management tips for success
National Reconciliation Week: Respect and connection in aged care
The importance of flexible online study options
Why quiet time is so important for children
Enhancing Elderly Mental Health: Strategies for a Happier and Healthier Mindset
Making Mother’s Day special in 2020
Top tips for working from home with children
Staying connected & supporting the elderly
Resources for health and wellbeing
Study tips for online learning
Child care jobs boom in Australia
Meet Anna Connor: Creating positive learning experiences through trainer support
Aged Care Jobs Boom In Australia
Activities for children at home
Wellness tips for working from home
What could I earn as an aged care worker?
Fee Free Traineeships in NSW
ECEC Relief Package: What you need to know
Practicing mindfulness in aged care
Supporting study through the COVID-19 pandemic
The TOP 6 things you need to know about starting practical placement
Practical placement journal enhances hands-on learning
The power of music to help manage dementia
VIDEO: Supporting learners for success
The TOP 9 qualities of the best personal care workers
NQS Rating: Practical strategies to improve your centre’s performance
Thrive as an early childhood educator with these 9 qualities
Bush kinder: The benefits of learning outdoors for children
The benefits of plants for wellbeing in the workplace
Eco-friendly Christmas activities for children
Christmas presence – Mindful Christmas activities in aged care
Advance care planning: Choice and control over health and wellbeing
Building connections and promoting positive behaviour with children on the spectrum
6 Essential tips for marketing a childcare centre
Productivity enhancing tools for child care centres
10 awesome reasons to work in child care
What is Skills First Funding and how do I access it?
Are you ready to study child care?
Case study: Working with industry to improve lives
7 strategies for easing separation anxiety in children
Dementia Action Week 2019 – Dementia doesn’t discriminate. Do you?
Introducing mindfulness to children
Patient, kind, thoughtful, nurturing — Early Childhood Educators Day!
Top 10 things to consider when choosing a training provider
How do you decide between studying at an RTO vs TAFE?
The benefits of first aid training in aged care
First aid in child care – is your centre compliant?
TOP 7 reasons to work in child care
7 simple strategies to boost employee engagement
Child care industry: Meaningful employment in a growth sector
What to expect on your child care practical placement
Choosing the best funding option for your training 
End of financial year – study tax deductions
Being a leader in early childhood education and care
Selmar graduates ‘Launch into Work’ with Calvary Community Care
Enhancing early childhood learning through imaginary play
Selmar students gain pathway to University with Swinburne Online
Careers session provides early childhood educator job opportunities
Selmar training rates highly with employers
New short course builds skills to control infection in aged care
Passion for children’s learning: Melissa Walters’ child care career
Assist Clients with Medication Skill Set: Refreshed short course
Assistant Director Mei shares her Selmar child care journey
Start the New Year inspired with 15 good news stories you may have missed in 2018
Are you eligible for a free course and government subsidised priority courses?
How to find the best online child care courses
5 Fun aged care Christmas craft ideas for seniors
Building a Quality Aged Care Workforce
Group first aid training with Melton South Community Centre
School readiness funding to support kindergartens
The mutual benefits of professional development in child care
The four biggest aged care recruitment challenges the industry is tackling
The growing and evolving aged care industry landscape
Incredible seniors smashing through age barriers!
Why aged care is more than just a job
Exceeding Expectations — ECMS Beyond Tomorrow Conference
What can I claim — top student tax deductions
Selmar’s placement matchmaker Kylie Jackson
Gaining meaningful employment as a Permanent Resident of Australia
Are all first aid courses found on online genuine? Here’s how to tell
How to become an Aged Care Team Leader
How to become a Room Leader in child care
What to expect from a child care job interview
Aged care job interview — what to expect
Three good reasons to update CPR training yearly
5 steps to getting your first aid certificate
Keep your first aid up to date and you could save a life just like these people!
Why first aid training is a must
What is first aid?
Salary guide for aged care jobs
Why updating your first aid training is so important
Salary guide for child care jobs
How much early childhood educators earn (and how to become one)
How much aged care workers earn (and how to become one)
SunSmart child care centre recommendations
Sun safety tips to protect babies, toddlers and children
Protect children from the sun — here’s why it’s vital
Four steps to get professional development for child care centre
Myth Buster: What People Are Saying About the Safe Schools Program vs. What Is True
Celebrating growing up and getting older in Australia
What is the Safe Schools Program?
QUIZ: Should I Work in Aged Care?
5 tips to help you choose a course (when you don’t know what you want to do)
Taking the next steps: getting enrolled in your course
QUIZ: Should I Work in Child Care?
Find a job with no experience
How to start your own family day care service
The must-know ins and outs of running a family day care
What is family day care (and why you might start your own)
New Year, new career for 2018
A merry inclusive Christmas
Benefits of time spent between children and the elderly
5 ways animals benefit the elderly
Keeping the elderly safe in summer
Exploring the five senses with children
Finding jobs in Australia
Your guide to starting work placement
My body, my rules! Children’s rights in child care.
Going green in child care
7 artistic activities for sensory play in child care
Five fun ways to help children think outside the box!
Dealing with depression and anxiety in parents
Top 5 strategies to improve your mental health
5 incredible ways outside play benefits children
Get cooking to enhance children’s development in five amazing ways
Things NOT to say in your next job interview
Pharmaceutical and Prescription Drug Addiction
Caring for younger individuals living in aged care facilities
Staying Healthy: Spotting and preventing gastro
Understanding dementia as an aged care worker
Laetisha Scanlan chooses child care career for work/life balance
Creating a Hazard Free Workplace in Childcare and Aged Care
Staying Healthy: Spotting and preventing gastro
Four Fresh Activities for Aged Care Facilities
Identify and Manage Allergy Symptoms in Children
Top 10 Films about Ageing
Tips to Soothe Parental Separation Anxiety
9 reasons why males make excellent early childhood educators
Benefits of Yoga and Meditation for Children
Aged Care: adopting and adapting to new technology
Top 10 tips for writing a resume that gets results
Why children need to play outside in winter!
Upskill and claim it this EOFY
VET Graduates find jobs faster and earn more
Tips to stay motivated while studying
6 things to look for when choosing a training provider
An eggciting Easter in early childhood
Benefits of Training at Selmar!
Flu Vaccination – What you need to know
What Not To Put On Your Resume
Selmar partnership with Better Caring
How To Ace Your Next Job Interview
Holi Festival Of Colours in Melbourne
7 Qualities of an Effective Leader
3 Signs It’s Time To Change Careers
How to gain work experience while studying
What children want from child care providers
5 Time Management Tips to Study Effectively
Challenges in child care (and rewards!)
What I learned from working in aged care
5 tips to turn your study dreams into a reality
Five Digital Tools To Help You Study
A Day In The Life Of A Home Care Assistant
7 Useful Apps To Boost Children’s Learning!
Skills First 2017 Contract Awarded
Choosing A Child Care Course In Melbourne
7 Rules For A Safe Holiday Season
5 Reasons To Apply To Enrol Before New Years
Simulation Laboratories – Practical Training To Build Your Confidence
A Career While You’re Planning Your Next Move
Top 3 Tips For Communication With Families In Aged Care
Funny Stories Working In Child Care
Get To Know The Selmar Campus In Melbourne
Four Things To Consider When You Finish School
Funny Stories Working In Aged Care
5 Reasons To Work In Aged Care!
Flexible Hours In Aged Care For A Better Work Life Balance
The Top 4 Reasons Why Working in Child Care is the Best
Work Life Balance Can Be Yours With A Career In Child Care
Don’t Just Get Qualified… Get Employed At A Childcare Centre!
Child Care Educators Help Shape Children’s Lives
Top 3 Reasons To Study Aged Care
Perceptions of LGBTIQ Community In Aged Care
The Last Chapter: The Different Ways We Say Goodbye
What Do You Know About Workplace Bullying?
Common Allergies In Children And How To Spot Them
Getting Older With Iron
Celebrating Children’s Birthdays
United Nation’s International Day of Happiness
How To Have An Awesome Birthday At Work
How To Celebrate Birthdays In Aged Care
Tips For Supporting Others To Quit Smoking
Why Do Kids Need Iron?
Certificate III In Aged Care Is Now Certificate III In Individual Support
Have You Got Enough Iron?
The benefits of reading to children
More Aged Care Jobs, More Opportunities
Talking To Families
Mental Health And Ageing
What Do You Wish Someone Had Told You Before Your First Day On The Floor?
What’s The Funniest Thing You Experienced While Working As An Educator?
Are You Ready For A Promotion?
What Two Aged Care Worker Qualities Do You Think Are Essential?
What Does It Take To Be A Good Early Childhood Educator?
What’s The Most Touching Aged Care Story That’s Stuck With You?
Top Tips For Preventing Falls
Top Three Tips For Building Confidence
Top Tips For Surviving Summer And Preventing Heatstroke
What Do You Wish Someone Had Told You Before Your First Day?
Upskilling Your Aged Care Qualifications Is Easy
Overcome Procrastination…Now!
Transitioning Qualifications Is Easier Than You Thought
Trainer Responses — Cutest Things Children Say
The role of customer service in aged care
Our rights. Our Freedoms. Always.
Embracing change
Holistic learning for a lifetime of growth
Old Lady’s Poem. What do you see?
Celebrating inclusion for people of all abilities
International Computer Security Day
Protecting the rights of older individuals
Palliative care — The art of caring
Tips for effective conflict resolution
Asthma management in your childcare facility
Hay fever in child care: the facts
Healthy eating habits for children
Stress management
Understanding emotional intelligence
Encouraging parent volunteers
Recycling in your facility
Embrace the festive season
Sexuality and ageing
Approaches to mentoring
Toys for a sustainable planet
Busting myths with Food Safety Week
The confidence to act through first aid training
Understanding social media for child care
Fighting infection with hygiene
Reasons to celebrate
Encouraging safe work practices for Safety Month
Asthma in older people
Understanding the Rights of the Child
Celebrating Children’s Week in Early Childhood Education
How the National Register be useful to me?
5 top tips for customer service
Leading by innovation
Putting Spring in your step with Walktober
Let’s Talk About Sex
Alzheimer’s and Dementia in Aged Care
Different learning styles
Understanding social media in aged care
Recycling fun with art and craft
Making the most of your time
Join the global social media movement for World Arthritis Day
Early childhood education trainers’ favourite stories
Aged care trainer’s favourite activities
Celebrating Literacy and Numeracy across Australia
Tips to take your aged care career to the next level
Flexible study through workplace training
Add more value to your studies with engaged placement
Benefits of an engaged work placement
What is home and community care?
Aged Care Trainer — Sherene Magana
Tips to take your career to the next level
SunSmart tips for children
Looking for a professional advantage?
What does aged care reform mean for you?
Sun smart in aged care
What is the Unique Student Identifier (USI)?
I look for a Selmar qualification when I read resumes
Flexible training for the busy professional
Future growth in child care
Selmar’s Industry Consultation
5 tips for positive change and a rewarding new career
Be part of a thriving, growing industry
Technology bridges generation gaps
Meet Liz, a Selmar Graduate
Practical Outcomes joins Catalyst Education
Building on a strong reputation in training
Finding the right course & training provider for you
What is the right qualification for you?
Changes to regulations, how this will benefit early childhood educators
Educators making a difference: Early Education and Care Awards
Reviewing your service’s first aid, asthma and anaphylaxis qualifications
When ‘qualified’ is no guarantee of competence
A rewarding career: Working in the Aged Care Industry
Working Holiday: Where can a Cert III in Early Childhood Education and Care take you?
Selmar Education Institute recognised for providing valued support to CRS Australia
Selmar’s Certificate III In Aged Care Course Accredited By Australian Community Workers Association
Australian HR Institute Welcomes Workplace Education Innovator as Its 2012 World HR Congress Partner
Selmar Education Institute Winner of the 2012 ACPET/TDC Coaching and Mentoring Initiative
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