Making Mother’s Day special in 2020

Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday 10 May, and while it’s going to be a little different this year, there are still many ways we can make mum feel special and show her how much she is  loved and appreciated.

Each year Mother’s Day presents an opportunity to show mum’s how loved are appreciated they are, and this year need not be any different. While hitting the shops, markets and Mother’s Day stalls isn’t possible, creating something meaningful to mark the occasion certainly is.

It’s important to flexible and inclusive on Mother’s Day too, so the ideas here can all be extended to step-mums, aunties, grandmothers and other special female role models for children this Mother’s Day.

We’ve got some ideas that are simple, special and plenty of fun to create whether you’re a parent at home with children or helping children in centres make Mother’s Day special.

Simple ways to celebrate at home

These tried and tested Mother’s Day gift ideas are the perfect way to make mum smile this Sunday!

Portrait time

A child’s paintings are always warmly received, but this time let’s get children to paint a portrait of mum! You might like to get them to copy a photo or specify that they just do faces or put mum in a scene of their choice. Seeing how children creatively express this is sure to be fun and adorable.

Mum questionnaire

Often a highlight for mums of children who are in early childhood and kindergarten, asking children to answer a bunch of questions about their mums or special person can result in some great responses. From sweet observations that only a child could make to outright hilarious perspectives, help children fill out something like this as a perfect keepsake.

Online experiences

Cooking classes, dance lessons, tarot readings — there’s a vast array of experiences that make excellent gifts that can be used safely during social distancing times. Find something that suits here.

Painted pots

Any old pot or jar can be brought back to life and repurposed as a Mother’s Day gift. Give children paint, some soil and a succulent cutting to put together a gorgeous Mother’s Day surprise that will hopefully continue to thrive and grow!

The classic breakfast in bed

Waking up to a thoughtful breakfast made by her favourite little people is always an impressive Mother’s Day treat. Extra points here if you let her have a sleep-in too! There are some tasty ideas here. For those working in centres, you could make a recipe card to send home with children.

Don’t forget to make a call to the special women in your lives who are far away or unable to be visited at this time. Alternatively, you could post a letter or try one of these approaches to stay connected.

Combine a couple of the ideas above and Mother’s Day is sure to be a success! Don’t forget a handmade card!

For more activities for children to do at home or in centres, take a look at our free activity flyers for plenty of fun!

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