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Learner success is about making sure you feel supported at every learning stage. From the moment you enrol to the time you graduate and join the workforce, and sometimes beyond, we aim to co-create a transformational learning experience. 

Our team is made up of passionate trainers with skills gained from experience in the sector to share with you. The Selmar support team is focused on providing training that suits your individual needs, helping you to reach your full potential and achieve your career goals. Get to know more about our trainers and support team, including their qualifications, experience and personal career journeys.

“Our approach to learning enables us to treat each learner as an individual, with different needs and circumstances. Our aim is for every learner to find learning methods that work for them, and gain the knowledge and skills to impact the workplaces they go into, and by extension, the world around them.” 

Support from start to finish

Kylie Jackson

Kylie Jackson
Work Placement Coordinator

Kylie is passionate about the importance practical work placement plays for students and takes great pride in making it a valuable and positive experience. She really gets to know the students she is finding work placement for, so that she can provide them with the best hands-on learning opportunities that suit each individual. >>Read more

Stacey Earles

Stacey Earles
LLN Support Coordinator

Stacey brings many years of experience supporting individuals with their reading and writing skills to the role of a Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Coordinator. She loves interacting with learners and empowering them to discover their own abilities and seeing their confidence develop.
>>Read more


Educators and learners are partners and collaborators with a shared goal: to impact the world around us through care and compassion

We all know that one teacher figure who trusts you to succeed can make a big difference. At Selmar, we want to help you find those supportive connections that will continue throughout your studies with us and will create a foundation for your future professional relationships. 

Our early childhood education trainers

Lisa Galley

Lisa Galley

A workplace trainer in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, Lisa Galley calls her role with Selmar her dream job.

With over 7 years of child care experience, Lisa loves that her position as a trainer with Selmar enables her to provide such a great variety of services to the diverse range of students in our courses.

“We have good, constant support for our students. We are able to be contacted via email, messages and calls, and have a monthly contact meeting to check their progress.”

With several years as a trainer, Lisa is very happy doing what she is doing and is looking forward to being involved in ensuring her training is tailored to the needs of her learners.

Nikita Perry

Nikita Perry

Nikita is one of Selmar’s talented Regional Managers. She finds her work very rewarding and loves to support Selmar learner’s through their learning journey.

With four years’ experience working in the early childhood sector and a further eight as a trainer and assessor, Nikita is passionate about promoting quality education and care for children and helping shape educators to be the best they can be.

Her belief is that Selmar’s commitment to fostering positive student relationships is what sets Selmar apart and gives students the best opportunity to flourish the early childhood sector.

Angela Eldridge

Angela Eldridge

Angela comes from a long line of educators; she holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care as well as an Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services. Graduating in 2006 and 2011 respectively, Angela has dedicated 20 years of her career to the sector, taking on various roles and leadership positions. From leading classrooms to fostering cultural connections and providing support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, Angela has always been regarded as a natural mentor.

Recognised for her ability to explain concepts in a relatable and down-to-earth manner, Angela took the next step in her career a few years ago by becoming a VET trainer in the early childhood education sector.

Her deep passion for the field drives her belief that she can truly make a difference in shaping the next generation of educators.


Our aged and disability care trainers

Sally forbes

Sally Forbes

Sally Forbes initially came to seek a career in aged care while looking for a career that could enable her to work around her role as a new mum.

It was the beginning of 12 years spent working in aged care settings, with experience caring for a range of individuals with varying needs.

“I spent most of my time working in a ‘locked down’ dementia-specific ward. Dementia clients are my favourite to work with — no shift is ever the same!”

Around three and a half years ago, Sally decided to share her knowledge of the aged care industry with others and began working in training and assessment.

“I want to have an impact on aged care workers of the future”

Genuine passion is something you feel from Sally right away, and it’s that passion that Sally sees as Selmar’s point of difference from other training organisations. This passion also makes Sally’s influence on Selmar learners so powerful. She really prides herself on enabling others to become the best aged carers they can be. After all, as Sally puts it:

“They could be looking after me one day!”.

Michelle Gleeson

Michelle Gleeson

Michelle Gleeson has had a passion for caring for the elderly for most of her life, but it wasn’t until she entered her 40s that she found the confidence to explore a career in aged care.

“From the minute I started the course, I just thought to myself – this is what I should have been doing!”

With years of working and training in aged care, Michelle is well-equipped to guide learners through their studies and practical placement, matching the right learner with the right facility.

Michelle is extremely passionate about her role as a trainer and supporting future carers, believing that every generation has so much to offer one another.

“Aged care is the kind of job where you can give 100 per cent and get back 150 per cent.”

For anyone considering a career in aged care, Michelle advises compassionate individuals to jump right in and have a go. All the trainers at Selmar have firsthand experience working in the sector. They are more than happy to share their knowledge, so if you have concerns or questions, just ask!

“I only wish I’d started my aged care career sooner!”

Corryn McCall

Corryn McCall

Corryn’s educational background includes completing her VCE Qualification from High School, with a focus on English, Psychology, and History. She also obtained a Certificate III in Individual Support to kickstart her career in Ageing Support, followed by a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment to embark on her journey as a Trainer and Assessor.

Corryn entered the aged care field immediately after graduating high school in 2014. It was while working in aged care facilities and mentoring other students that she discovered her deep satisfaction in training and assessment. She saw it as a chance to have a positive influence on their careers and, consequently, on the lives of the individuals receiving support.

When Corryn joined Selmar in November 2021, her motivation stemmed from her desire to make a positive difference and have a greater impact on those receiving aged care support.

Corryn particularly enjoys supporting individuals during practical placements and providing on-the-job training that significantly enhances their caregiving skills.

“I have a particular passion in dementia support. It is widely misunderstood, and I found during my time as a carer, that I could hold a lot of space, time, and patience for people living with dementia. This is something that I want to pass onto my learners, so that we can provide the best support possible for our most vulnerable older Australians.”

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