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Student Services

Some of the services available to our students include:

  • Orientation
  • Language, literacy and numeracy support
  • Dedicated trainer support
  • Help organising your practical placement
  • Access to our online learning portal on select courses

USI information

The Unique Student Identifier (USI) is a number which will contain all of a student’s qualifications and results achieved through nationally recognised training from 1 January 2015. Students will have access to their USI account from 2016.

How do I apply for a USI? You can either apply directly on the USI website, and select the ‘Create a USI link’ or you can provide Selmar permission to apply for this on your behalf during your enrolment process.

Reports and data

To help you in assessing if Selmar is the best RTO for you we have published the following reports with data and our fees to provide transparency on Selmar’s performance. This will support students to make an informed decision in choosing Selmar as a quality provider of training and education.


Audit Reports

Publication of the recent ASQA Registration Audit Report
Click here for the most recent Registration Audit report

Australian Skills Quality Authority Certificate of Registration
Click here to see Selmar’s Certificate of Registration with ASQA


RTO Performance Indicators Report — Victorian Government

Key results 2016

Key results 2017


Quality Indicators

Learner Engagement and Employer Satisfaction Surveys. These indicators are based on a survey of 455 students and 49 employers.

Selmar has a 80% completion rate for learners within our Aged Care, Early Childhood and Business qualifications. Feedback received indicates that training provided meets the needs of industry and produces well prepared job ready graduates.

The students and employers surveyed for these indicators were selected by Selmar Institute of Education in accordance with national guidelines.
Click here for the most recent Learner Engagement and Employer Satisfaction Survey Results

Equal Opportunity Education Provider


Selmar Institute of Education is an equal opportunity education provider and is committed to ensuring the process of recruiting students is non-discriminatory and to provide training services which are accessible to all eligible individuals and meet the diverse needs of our students, irrespective of their age, gender, disability, country of birth, language, race, religion, culture or other background.

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