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Put your learning into practice with practical placement.


Practical learning is the best way to develop your hands-on skills for the workplace, and our practical placement that our dedicated placement co-ordinators help organise make it simple for our students to achieve their goals.

For students not working in an education and care or community care service, Selmar courses have a built-in practical placement component to make sure our students graduate confident, competent and career-ready.

The practical placement journey

Step 1

Enrol in your chosen
Selmar course and get
your studies started

Step 2

Commence placement in a real centre or facility – we  help you organise this!

Step 3

Get assessed on your practical skills
– we come to you!

Step 4

Finish your course and
get started working as
soon as you’re ready

Dedicated placement co-ordinators

As a Selmar student, you will be assisted with organising your practical placement! Your dedicated placement co-ordinator will help you find a suitable placement in a location that works for you. This way, you can gain the vital work experience you need while studying.

Practical placement hours range from 180 to 280 hours, depending on the course you choose. As well as face-to-face visits, for extra support during placement, your trainer is available to help via phone or email too.


Real-life skills for real jobs

“I fell in love with the centre where I did my practical placement.
I really learned the daily routines and put my knowledge to the test.
Then, they offered me a job on my final day!
I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my new career!”

Annika, Selmar graduate

Practical placement flyer

Download our practical placement information flyer and learn more about what you can expect while on your practical placement!

 Our commitment to hands-on learning and practical skills makes Selmar an excellent choice for students who are looking for more than just a piece of paper when they graduate. Career and job readiness is an essential demand of the industry and Selmar courses give students the skills to enter into the workforce with confidence. Selmar can help you achieve your career goals.
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