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Am I eligible for funding or concessions for my training?

This is a good question, because there are many funding options and concessions available for students.

So how do you know if you’re eligible?

There are many factors that determine whether you meet the eligibility criteria for government funding. But if you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident and have not completed qualifications previously, there’s a good chance you could be eligible. The best thing to do is get in touch with us to discuss your options.

Yu can also check out our fees and funding page to get an idea if you are eligible.

If the financial side of pursuing the career you want is causing you stress, don’t let it get you down. Contact Selmar’s course advisors or click on the chat above and ask about your options now!


Practical placement: What is it and how does it work?

Your Selmar early childhood course or aged care course could have a practical element for you to fulfill as part of the course requirements. This is because we are committed to giving our students the skills they need to get a job they love and do well at it.

So, what is practical placement or work placement?

Practical placement is the part of your course where you are required to learn on the job in a real-life child care centre or aged or disability care facility.

Will somebody help me find placement if I am unable to?

We don’t simply tell you to find somewhere to do your placement hours and leave you to it, we actually help our students organise their placement.

With our huge network of child care centres and aged care facilities, we can help arrange your placement for you. And don’t worry – we won’t send you to a centre 4 hours away from home. We even help match you to a centre or facility that we think you’ll be well suited to.

If you’d prefer to arrange placement yourself – that’s okay too.

Have more questions? Contact us here or check out our page on practical placement

Will my training get me a job?

Your Selmar training gives you the best chance of achieving the career you are working towards because*:

  • 93.3% of our learners were satisfied with the overall quality of their training.
  • 89.4% of our learners would recommend us as their training provider.
  • 91.1% of our learners were employed after training with us.

*NCVER VET Student Outcomes Survey 2023

Selmar graduates are sought-after.

Our training is renowned for being high quality and hands-on. Your potential employer knows that as a Selmar graduate you have been well trained, are knowledgeable and have the practical skills they are looking for.

For real-life training that leads to real world opportunities, a Selmar course is the ultimate way to kick start your new career.

How much does it cost to study child care or aged care?

We know that the pricing of your course is a huge consideration when you’re planning to study.

We all have unique circumstances and these can mean different course fees for different people. For example, your course fees could change due to things like:

  • Your location (VIC, or NSW)
  • Your funding eligibility
  • Concession

Want to know what your individual fees might be?

For more information, visit the funding page on our website. Information on these pages is subject to the individual and their circumstance. If you feel like you want to get a really good idea about what your personal course fees might be, our course advisors really are the best people to speak to. Giving them a call and providing a brief description of your individual circumstance will help them give you a more accurate answer.

What kind of support will I get throughout my studies?

We are here for you!

We provide a variety of supports to ensure your learning experience is a collaborative and rewarding one, and that you leave our courses equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to have an impactful career.

All Selmar learners receive a dedicated trainer who will give them one-on-one support throughout their learning journey. Your trainer will be available by phone, email or video call and will visit you face-to-face in your workplace or on placement to provide feedback, coaching and mentoring.

We also have a learner success team who can assist with:

  • Language support if English is an additional language or dialect
  • Literacy and numeracy support
  • Digital literacy support
  • Study tips
  • Assistance with work placement

Can I finish my course in less than 12 months?

Completing a child care course or aged care course can vary from course to course. A Certificate III is a great place to kick start your career in aged care or early childhood education.

And yes, you can complete this level course at Selmar in less than 12 months!

That means in less than one year you could be working as a child care worker or aged carer. In the very near future, you could be spending your days looking after young children or taking care of those who need it most in aged and disability care facilities. Within twelve months your life can be transformed, working in a job that you love.

No one likes to see time wasted, so make sure you invest yours carefully and wisely. One thing’s for sure – putting some time into shaping your future and achieving your goals is time well spent.

I want to work in early childhood but is the course really hard?

The words study and training can make us think of hard work, long hours and blood, sweat and tears…

Had a rough time with a previous course? High school wasn’t an enjoyable experience? – these factors can be enough for you to put enrolling to get qualified in early childhood in the ‘too-hard’ basket.

At Selmar, you will receive challenges that help you grow.

The course is challenging yes, but hard, not so much. Our courses are developed to challenge you, not make your life difficult.

We are passionate about practical training, and with our placement and simulation laboratories, you will be able to gain a more informed, working understanding of early childhood. The combination of theory balanced perfectly with hands-on training makes learning both easier and more effective.

Our trainers endeavor to challenge you step by step so you can learn at a pace that is comfortable for you – ask questions as you go and don’t rush yourself. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your training, our team and trainers are here to help you and provide you with the support you need to succeed.

Don’t let it get on top of you or make you feel like giving up. Give us a call or click on the tab above and chat to our friendly course advisors right now!

Why study at an RTO?

You may have heard about the recent closures of several RTOs.  This has left many students wondering if studying with an RTO is really safe?

You are safe with Selmar.

One thing is for certain – you can rest assured that Selmar is not going anywhere!

Having obtained a Skills First contract in 2018, we are proud to be among the highest quality registered training providers in Victoria. And we are continually striving to be the best we can be. That’s because we want to make sure we do all we can to give you the best training and future employment opportunities.

Our courses are designed to teach real skills to ensure our students graduate into real jobs. Because a piece of paper can only get you so far!

The Selmar team is on hand to chat about where things have been left for you and what you want to achieve.


How do I request a certificate reprint?

Click here to request a certificate reprint. You can also access this link on our student resource centre page.

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