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In a world where business success is increasingly determined by people’s capacity to adapt and evolve, our child care courses and aged care courses, are flexible yet robust, and blend industry requirements with the content, policies and procedures of our clients. Selmar Institute of Education students enjoy a positive, nurturing learning environment. Course materials and trainers are adaptable to suit different student needs. Our practical, innovative programs provide a wealth of opportunities, helping students unlock their potential and thrive. Selmar Institute of Education is a dedicated to providing transformation learning and professional development for your sector.


We provide

  • Client focused and flexible learning programs that can be tailored to your business needs
  • Expert industry curriculum that is vocationally current and relevant
  • Experienced education training professionals
  • State of the art simulation labs providing realistic training environments
  • A dedicated relationship management team
  • A partner who works with you to achieve real outcomes
  • Integration of your content, policies and procedures and infusing ‘your way’ into our training
  • Training can be conducted on campus or within your work environment
  • External quality audits and endorsements

Benefits for you

  • Better qualified, job ready graduates
  • Efficient and effective
  • Industry relevant training
  • We’re ready when you are
  • Courses completed on time, every time
  • No risk, no compromises



The most important element of our training model is how we build partnerships. We are committed to listen, understand and connect with the objectives of all stakeholders.

Our students are typically seeking to commence or change their career direction. Understanding their motivations and timelines assists us to shape their expectations and produces exceptional learning outcomes, as well as workforce ready candidates.

As an employer, we also understand the challenges of managing your professional development, We can work together with you to:

  • Increase recruitment effectiveness in candidate poor environments
  • Meet best practice aspirations
  • Improve retention and decrease turnover
  • Provide greater career pathways for your team members


Job ready curriculum

Our training material is written to address the regulatory and operational demands of  Australian industry. Our team of subject matter experts, in consultation with industry partners, and a schedule of validation, moderation and review processes, ensures our learning material is current, relevant and unique. We believe that the integration of industry standards and expectations is central to ensuring our graduates are workforce ready. We also encourage participation in our industry panel and career events to provide even further integration and customisation for industry and client needs.


Contextualised training

Our trainers have a wide repertoire of industry experience that informs the context and learning of our students. This is further enhanced with a contemporary and practical simulation laboratory at our St Kilda campus. We always strive to find the right balance between industry  exposure and teaching competence, in order to provide students with an inspiring and relevant learning experience. Our client focused approach has also enabled us to develop different teaching approaches for different student requirements. This in turn ensures greater relevance and context for both students and employers.




Comprehensive account management

Selmar Institute of Education provides a dedicated account management team that includes Program and Regional Managers. We are committed to building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships and working together with you to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. As an extension of your business, we are always ready to meet your learning and development needs. Our Managers are dedicated to ensuring our trainers meet your needs and expectations. We meet with Facility Managers monthly, reporting on student progress, arranging work placements, and exploring recruitment needs to ensure objectives are met and relationships are strong.


Choosing a Registered Training Organisation for your workplace

Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) vary in size, scope, training approach and expertise. Not all RTOs do the same training in the same way.

This Fact Sheet will assist your business to select an RTO who understands and can respond to your business’s identified training needs.

You may need to talk to a number of RTOs before you find the right one. Confirm the training provider is registered to deliver the accredited training your business needs –

Please find a fact sheet in helping assist you in choosing the right RTO for you & your business.


Four steps to getting the best training for your business

Purchasing training is just like any other procurement for your business. You review your current and future situation and identify your business needs, then shop around for the product that meets your needs and budget.

Then you monitor your training purchase and assess if it’s achieving your objectives and whether it’s good value for money. You evaluate your purchase and use that knowledge next time you need to purchase training.

Please find a link to a guide to help you navigate through this process

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