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Currently in Australia, about 2,800 residential aged care facilities cater to more than 160,000 elderly people. During the next ten years, we expect to see aged care jobs grow with more than 250,000 residents in Aged Care.

According to the Federal Government’s Intergenerational Report, by 2050, the number of people aged 65 to 84 is expected to more than double while the number of people over 85 will more than quadruple.

This huge growth in aged care is due to the baby boom of 1946 to 1961 when more than four million Australians were born in the years following World War II.

Today’s miracles of modern medicine allow people to live longer meaning that Aged Care will see its highest growth among residents aged 95 or over.

The industry is thriving and now more than ever the demand for highly qualified staff. Selmar Aged Care courses cater to this demand for a growing workforce while also ensuring graduates care about the elderly.

Our focus in on care beyond compliance. We understand the requirement of employers in the Aged Care sector and this enables us to empower the next generation of professionals to care for our ageing population.

With comprehensive learning and guaranteed work placements, our students graduate work ready and confident in their skills. As aged care jobs grow and grow, Selmar graduates are ready to flourish.

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