Start your career in aged care with a traineeship

Aged care is a rewarding sector in which you’ll have the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. The pandemic has highlighted the importance and value of aged care services in Australia, and also identified areas for improvement. Now is the time to ensure that the sector is supported by compassionate and highly trained carers.


start career with traineeship


If you’re considering a career in aged care, you will need to complete a qualification like the Certificate III in Individual Support (CHC33021). This course is now available through a traineeship.

If you’re new to all of this you might be wondering what exactly a traineeship entails, why it’s a good option for you, and what employment opportunities you’ll see at the end of it. We’ve put together a helpful guide to assist you in deciding whether a traineeship is right for you.

What is a traineeship?

A traineeship is a type of vocational training where you work and learn at the same time. Most aged care courses combine different levels of theory with practical training, but with a traineeship the balance is shifted toward the practical side of things. Traineeships combine theory-based learning with employment in the sector. The idea behind this approach is that traineeships provide learners with everything they need to know as well as the hands-on experience required for a successful career.

Undertaking a traineeship in aged care means studying via our workplace delivery mode as you work with an aged care provider. Most traineeships take between 12 months and three years to complete, enabling you to learn quickly without getting bogged down in coursework. Much like apprenticeships, which enable people to become skilled in a trade, traineeships focus on hands-on experience to build skills and enhance practical knowledge of the sector.

The benefits of workplace training

Unlike other courses which focus on classroom-based learning, workplace training has a unique range of benefits.

Earn while you learn

For most of us the decision to study comes with a range of financial concerns. Will I be able to afford it? Will I have to reduce my hours or find a different job? Will I be able to work at all? These questions can be troubling, but a traineeship means that you won’t even have to ask them.

A traineeship is an opportunity to earn while you learn. You will receive an income while working toward a qualification, alleviating the financial pressure many learners face. Being paid for your time is encouraging: it promotes a healthy relationship to work, means that you don’t have to stress, and motivates you to succeed.

Gain practical experience

Aged care is a dynamic sector which has its challenges as well as its rewards. Whether you work in home or residential care, there will be days when things can change in an instant. Prospective carers need to be prepared for both the physical and mental hurdles of the job, and the best way to do this is through practical training.

Traineeships provide opportunities for you to see how aged care operates in real-time. You’ll get to know what it’s like to work with the elderly as well as how the sector runs. It also gives you an insight into the protocols and procedures many service providers follow, giving you a better idea about who you want to work for in the future, and where.

Trainees in the workplace benefit from the instruction and support of those around them. Following the example of more experienced carers will enable you to learn quickly, and there will be some people with whom you will develop rewarding personal relationships.

Discover career opportunities and permanent job prospects

Many trainees end up finding permanent employment with the service or organisation where they began their traineeship. Trainees enter the workforce early, cutting out the step between graduation and getting a job.

If you don’t find permanent employment where you did your traineeship, you will still have gained essential experience of the workplace, contacts in the sector and hopefully a few solid references which will put you in good stead for finding another position.

The main thing is that your experience will give you confidence, so that you can impress future employers and shine in whatever role you finally choose. Choosing the right training provider is an important part of this process. Our graduates are known for their excellence, and in choosing to undertake your traineeship through Selmar you’ll be choosing better career prospects and exciting outcomes for after you graduate.

How we support you

Trainees need to be supported in order to learn and grow with confidence. We’ll coordinate your traineeship and provide you with everything you need to succeed.

To keep you feeling on-track and inspired, our dedicated trainers will visit you in the workplace. They will check on your progress, discuss any concerns you might have, speak with your employers and coach you through any hurdles you face.

You will also be supported by our Learner Success team, who can help with any difficulties you might experience in terms of study. The Learner Success team supports you from start to finish with things like literacy and numeracy support, resume building and study advice.

You will also have access to an interactive online portal where you’ll find resources, study aids and opportunities to interact with your peers.

Discover a rewarding career in aged care

The value of skilled and compassionate aged care workers cannot be underestimated, and a traineeship is a great way to kick-start your career in this dynamic sector. To find out more about starting a traineeship in aged care, get in touch with us today.

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