Studying aged care: Melissa Hart leads learners to success

At Selmar, we are dedicated to supporting individuals and organisations to contribute the very best aged care possible. So, when Wharparilla Lodge in Echuca needed training for a number of individuals in their team of carers, we were ready to ensure they had a positive and encouraging experience.

With the help of trainer Melissa Hart on their journey studying aged care, Wharparilla Lodge has now recently welcomed three new graduates into their team of trained aged care professionals. Georgia Prince, Jaime Shields, and Maya Roudis were each proud to accept their Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing) — and they even made it to the local paper for their accomplishment!


Ecucha grads studying aged care


Innovative approaches for studying aged care

Trainer Melissa played a pivotal role in supporting the learners at Wharparilla to success. A dedicated and innovative trainer whose approach embodies support and a firm but fair mindset, Melissa draws from her diverse background in military services, working for the United Nations, and years spent living and working abroad.

Her commitment to creating a structured and disciplined yet friendly approach has been instrumental in the achievements of these graduates.

For Melissa’s collaboration with the team of learners in Echuca, innovative approaches to studying aged care were necessary. In getting started and embarking on training with Wharparilla Lodge, she developed a plan for achieving successful completion via distance:


I suggested the best way I would train these learners when I'm in Geelong and they’re in Echuca is by setting aside collaborative study time every Monday morning through virtual meetings.


By creating this focused group learning environment, she ensured that learners were across their studies and support them in real time, ultimately benefiting both the learners and Wharparilla Lodge.

Despite the physical distance, Melissa’s online training sessions provided a sense of connection and motivation, making the learning journey engaging and enjoyable.

Jaime Shields, whose journey started in the cleaning department at Wharparilla Lodge, completed her 11-month study and on-the-job training with a sense of accomplishment. Expressing her gratitude for the organisation’s introduction of the traineeship, Shields shared, “The staff here have been great; they support the team with different training modules, and once a week, the three of us had a weekly two-hour training session every Monday.”

Aged care traineeships: In-depth learning supported by practical experience

Melissa and the Selmar team understand the value of aged care training that combines learning in-depth theory from experienced trainers, with practical, hands-on training.

Traineeships in studying aged care are an excellent way to provide a well-rounded educational journey for aspiring aged care workers, and the success of Wharparilla’s trainees is a perfect example.

Melissa is passionate about other aged care organisations finding inspiration from the achievements of the Wharparilla team:

“I think facilities need to be informed that setting aside time for your team to learn will get them through in a quicker time,” she emphasised. Melissa’s commitment to creating a positive and supportive learning environment highlights the crucial role trainers play in shaping the future of care professionals.

Vik Linke, clinical support lead at Wharparilla, reflected on Melissa’s impact, saying, “Melissa’s guidance has been invaluable. We have celebrated the completion of our first group of trainees, and it has been rewarding for everyone involved.”

Helping learners get the most from their training

How does Melissa create a learning environment that brings about the best outcomes possible? It’s all about a combination of motivation, support, and a commitment to individualised learning.

“I motivate them; I’m constantly on, ‘Come on, let’s get this done right. Let’s chat, we’ll jump on a call. I’ll make time for them,'” Melissa shared.

Melissa’s own career journey also serves as an inspiration, integrating her diverse background into a fulfilling career in aged care education. Her experiences in Finland, working with students from diverse backgrounds, contribute to her ability to connect with learners facing challenges and help them to overcome them, whether it’s English as a second language or personal issues to navigate.

When it comes to measuring her learners’ success, Melissa aims to develop a few specific qualities to help them do well.

“Indicators of success are when learners can be on time with their assessments, and the ones that reach out and ask me questions tend to be the ones that want to progress,” Melissa explained.

With the team at Echuca and all other aged care learners, Melissa, Success is not just about completing assessments but about engagement within the learning environment and subject matter, motivation, and effective communication.

As the success story of Wharparilla Lodge’s graduates demonstrates, Melissa and Selmar’s approach to studying aged care continue to stand out, proving that quality education in the aged care sector can be both transformative and uplifting for everyone involved.

For those aspiring to follow a similar path or aged care organisations looking to upskill their team, reach out to Selmar for effective and supportive training options.


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