How to become a Room Leader in child care

There are many roles to pursue in an early childhood education career. One position in a child care setting is Room Leader. This is the educator who is responsible for running a room. To become a Room Leader you’ll need experience along with the right qualifications.

Things that are expected of a Room Leader can vary between child care services. But generally, a Room Leader will be responsible for the things we touch on below.

Responsibilities of a Room Leader in child care

Most child care centres have multiple rooms. Each catering to children of different ages and stages. Each of these rooms has a Room Leader who is an educator with the skills and experience to organise and manage what happens within their allocated room.

Programs and planning

Room Leaders are responsible for planning and implementing an early childhood program, with the Early Years Learning Framework (ELYF) in mind. It should be age-appropriate for the children in your care. Create an inclusive, caring and engaging play-based learning environment.

Your objectives and philosophy should be aligned with the centre and made clear for all families and staff. Maintaining the required documentation will also be a part of your role.

Assigning tasks

In addition to managing the day-to-day activities within your room, as Room Leader you’ll be tasked with delegating duties to other staff members in your room. Fair, considerate and cooperative relationships with staff are vital for a Room Leader.

Together with your team, you’ll need to ensure the room is safe and clean. The highest standard of care must be provided to all children at all times. Ratios and break times are important. You’ll likely contribute to making some decisions around staffing.

Effectively communicating with families and staff

To be an effective Room Leader, you’ll need to hone your communication and relationship-building skills.

Your role involves establishing and maintaining open lines of communication between staff members and between staff and families. Positive relationships are essential and should be built on trust and respect for one another.

Building strong relationships means collaboration and support for your children, your room and the centre to thrive.


Qualifications required to become a room leader

You’ll need to complete a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC50121) to become a Room Leader in child care.

This nationally recognised qualification takes 12 – 18 months to complete. It includes a practical placement component (we help you arrange this). This is to ensure you have the hands-on skills to excel in your career.

Recognition of Prior Learning at Selmar (RPL) means if you have already completed a relevant Certificate level qualification you will be able to complete your course faster.

Online learning gives you the flexibility you need to make your training work for you. Get in touch and be on your way to becoming a Room Leader in no time.

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