What Does It Take To Be A Good Early Childhood Educator?

We sat down with a few of our early childhood trainers and asked them about their experience in the industry. We’re posting a series of their responses, starting here!

This time round we asked, What two qualities do you think are essential for an early childhood educator?

“A caring nature and a compassionate soul.” Ebonie.

“Patience first up. And passion – passion for educating, protecting, nurturing and loving every child that comes your way no matter what.” Katherine.

“A sense of responsibility. It is an honour and a privilege to be involved in the lives of young children and it is important to never forget that responsibility. Secondly a genuine interest in the children, their families and the wider community.” Amanda.

“A nurturing personality and patience.” Bec.

“Communication skills. Particularly positive body language and verbal language.” Manmeet.

“A calm and positive nature, and a sense of humour.” Tracey.

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