What’s The Funniest Thing You Experienced While Working As An Educator?

We sat down with a few of our early childhood trainers and asked them about their experience in the industry.

Getting to the lighter side of early childhood, we asked What’s the funniest thing you experienced while working as an educator?

One time a girl stopped mid-puzzle and turned toward me, looked me squarely in the eyes and asked “Amanda, why are you so old?” Amanda.

“The amazing predicaments that children somehow manage to get themselves into! Heads stuck between fence poles, whole bodies somehow stuck in a home corner kitchen sink hole, and endless examples of managing to climb up but unable to get down!” Katherine.

“Anytime there was a poo explosion!” Tracey.

“A baby throwing their food, and landing it bang on the educator’s forehead!” Ebonie.

“Getting peed on whilst trying to calm down a child and having to be driven home by my manager to change my pants!” Bec.

“One day my partner was slightly early to pick me up. I was in the yard with a group of children, so he indicated he was going to sit under a tree to wait. One of the children I was with noticed this interaction and you could tell he was really thinking hard about what had happened. All of a sudden the little boy had this look of enlightenment, raced over to me and asked “Amanda! Is that your dad come to pick you up?” Amanda.

“One time a father came to collect his kids, and after being stuck in traffic he really was busting – so he used the children’s toilet.” Manmeet.

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