7 Rules For A Safe Holiday Season


Working in child care and aged care, it’s essential to maintain the highest safety standards at all times, no matter how busy it can be. Every day you must take the necessary precautions to protect those in your care to avoid falls, choking and even the spreading of germs.

But, seeing as we are heading into the holiday season, we thought we’d look at the lighter side of things. So we’ve compiled seven rules and interesting stats to heed about the more unusual hazards that the ‘silly season’ can throw our way.

1.Pudding pitfalls

Festive food is a highlight of the silly season, no doubt about it. Christmas pudding is a staple dessert for many Christmas lunches but they don’t come without some risk… One in ten people burn themselves setting fire to Christmas puddings, so take extra precautions when preparing this fiery treat.

2.Festive safety goggles

Safety goggles could be a more logical gift than first thought, especially when you consider the spike in eye injuries over Christmas. Why the increase? Rogue corks popping from champagne bottles of course. Maybe best to head outside to pop corks this year…

 3.Beware the Bon Bons

Bon Bons, Christmas crackers – whatever you call them, they’re not as simple and fun as they seem. Each year there are broken arms from people pulling Christmas crackers! Hmm, is it really worth the risk for a paper hat and a bad joke?

 4.Dangerous decorations

Candles, tree lights, neon Santa on the roof (with or without reindeer)… Many of us love to get into the Christmas spirit by decorating accordingly. Be sensible though as these additions to your home can be dangerous. In fact, Christmas tree lights hurt 350 people per year! Make sure your decorations are set up in a way that is electrically sound.

 5.Troublesome trees

Speaking of decoration injuries, the Christmas trees themselves account for more than 1000 injuries each year!

6.Don’t water the lights

Opted for a real tree this year and want to keep it fresh? Make sure you water it like you would any other house plant… But your house plants don’t tend to be draped in lights do they? Since 1996 31 people have been killed from watering Christmas trees while the lights are plugged in. So, never water the lights and always unplug them to be on the safe side when giving your tree a drink.

 7.Unwrap with care

Hundreds of people will cut themselves while opening their Christmas presents this year. Don’t be another statistic. Unwrap with care this Christmas morning.


From all of the team at Selmar, we wish you and your family a fun, happy and most of all safe holiday season. And, best wishes for a fulfilling 2017!

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