Funny Stories Working In Aged Care

Working In Aged Care and providing care to Australians in the later years of their lives is a meaningful and commendable career path. After all, ageing is inevitable and having dedicated aged care workers to take care of us when the time comes can be essential to maintain quality of life.

From words of wisdom to run ins with technology, working with older Australians can be a bundle of laughs too. Our trainers and students have plenty of funny stories that are too good not to share.

The four stages of life

With many years of life experience, you’ll find clients who have theories about life and the stages of it over time.

One gentleman at age 93 is certain that there are four distinct stages he had lived through.

In Stage 1 you believe in Santa, he said.

When Stage 2 hits, you don’t believe in Santa anymore.

Stage 3 sees you take on the role of Santa.

And Stage 4: you look like Santa.

Who is it?

Technology has moved forward at a phenomenal rate over the past decade, so it’s not surprising that some older Australians have trouble keeping up.

One resident’s phone messages kept going answered due to a bit of ringtone confusion.

An 86-year old woman found it very amusing to retell of how she kept getting up to answer the doorbell one particular day. She thought it must have been some kids playing a prank or she was losing her marbles. In the end it was neither – just a text message ringtone that sounded a lot like a doorbell!

Trapped in a chair

Power cuts are always frustrating, but one particular recipient of home care shared her personal experience thanks to a recent outage.

While reading a book at home on an evening of strong wind and rain, the lights all went out. Not too worried, this 84-year old woman decided to get off her favourite recliner chair to light a candle.

Unfortunately this particular chair is an electronic recliner, so thanks to the power out she was stuck lying back on her beloved chair for over an hour! Thankfully she found it hilarious as she retold the event to her home care worker.

Is an aged care career right for you?

If a career in aged care sounds like it would be right for you, Selmar can get you qualified.

The entry level qualification for your aged care career is a CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support. This course covers everything you need to know and more. Our trainers ensure that your training is relevant and the best of the best, so you start your aged care career with confidence.

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