5 tips for positive change and a rewarding new career

Changing your career path can be a daunting process, but it can also be so rewarding. A new career can reinvigorate all aspects of a person’s life, job satisfaction can be so rewarding, enrich your personal life and general happiness and wellbeing.

  1. The initial hurdle, make a decision. 
    This can be the hardest part of the entire process and often where people give up. You will need to be willing to start over, sometimes taking a salary cut. Making a conscious decision to change your career path is the first step, then build an action plan to make it happen.
  2. Do your research. 
    Be patient and take the time to research the correct role that is suited to you. Finding a role that you are passionate about can lead to an enriching and rewarding career. Find out what skills are involved and what training is required. Speak to people working in your desired industry, asking them what challenges they face and more importantly, why they love their job. It’s so important to take the time now to ensure you embark on a new career that you will love.
  3. Retrain & Upskill.
    Once you’ve decided what career path you would like to go down, then research what skills you’ll need to attain to begin your new career. Speak to education experts, search out what course or certificate has the most employment opportunities. At Selmar Aged Care Institute, our graduates have an advantage when searching for full time employment, due to the practical training they undertake and on-the-job skills they acquire as part of their course.
  4. Immerse yourself in the industry. 
    Throughout the duration of your study immerse yourself in all aspects of the industry. Understanding key factors within the industry you wish to work in can be really helpful when interviewing for a new role.
  5. Network. 
    Likewise it’s really important to broaden your network during the duration of your course and upon completion. Keep in touch with contacts you meet throughout your course, both alumni, training experts and employers. It’s amazing how helpful these people can be, they have brilliant insight into the industry you wish to be involved in and when an opportunity arises, you are top of their mind to call.

And most importantly throughout the whole process, keep thinking of the end goal and remain positive. You will need to be flexible and willing to step out of your comfort zone. But it will be so rewarding in the long run. Best of luck.

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