I look for a Selmar qualification when I read resumes

Selmar qualifications are highly regarded in the child care industry. Find out why from Kim Jennings, the Director of Our House Early Learning World in Frankston. Kim sought out Selmar’s customised approach to early childhood training because she understands that everyone learns differently.

“Seven years ago, working with another centre, I’d had a great experience working closely with Selmar so when I had young trainees wanting to forward themselves and scaffold their learning, I again looked to Selmar,” Kim said.

“I was confident Selmar could cover all the different modes of training for different abilities – on the job, by correspondence – they covered everything so my educators could have that free choice.”

“As the Centre Director, my relationship with Selmar is very important because I also need to know what’s going on and I feel happy to be able to give them a call at any time to ask anything. The team is open, honest and happy to help in all areas.”

The educator of choice in the early childhood education sector, Selmar is the preferred supplier for more than 500 early childhood education centres.

“My staff enjoy watching the children grow but they need to be able to have the training to scaffold their understanding of children as they grow and develop,” Kim explains. “Getting the understanding and motivation is important. Selmar’s training was amazing, it allowed my educators to be able to hear their experiences to further them selves.”

“I like to mentor and Selmar has been able to help me do that with all the educators that have gone through. Tracey, our regional manager, has been able to help a lot of students get their certificates quite quickly and move forward in their careers. She’s always there over the phone whenever we needed and is resourceful in finding ways forward with students’ learning in any situation. Everything is always done promptly.”

Kim knows that Selmar understands the requirements of employers in the early childhood education sector, and has even referred parents who are interested in studying early childhood on to Selmar.

“I do look for Selmar qualifications when I look at potential resumes coming through because I do feel they are trained better than with other providers – more hands on and relevant.”

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