Advantages of virtual classroom-based learning

At Selmar we understand that while there are many advantages to online study, there are just as many benefits to learning in the classroom.

That’s why we developed a new virtual classroom study delivery mode for our CHC33021 Certificate III in Individual Support.

We’re excited about this offering, and below you’ll find a helpful list discussing the advantages of learning in the classroom as well as all the information you need to know about this delivery mode.


Virtual classroom


What is classroom-based learning?

Classroom-based learning is just another way of saying that you’ll be attending classes in person as opposed to self-directed online learning. For our virtual classroom delivery mode, you attend classes like you would in person but with the added flexibility of your attendance being online. The great thing about our virtual classroom delivery mode is that it provides intensive training which allows our learners to fast-track their way to a work placement while experiencing everything the classroom has to offer.

How does virtual classroom-based learning works?

Learners will undertake two days of virtual classes per week for just 12 weeks. During this time, learners will gain foundational knowledge which will set them up for their entry into the workplace. You’ll also be provided with essential training and support, like First Aid training and help building your cover letter and resume.

Once you’ve completed this initial part of the studies, learners will go on to do the first practical placement module. From there, learners will complete the remainder of the course through our blended learning mode combining online and observations.

Learners who choose to study aged care will complete their entire course in just 8 months, meaning they can get straight into the workplace and begin making a difference.

Learning via virtual classroom is a great way to speed things up while immersing yourself in all the benefits the classroom has to offer. Studying is not just a means to an end but should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience where you get to learn, grow, make connections with trainers and learners, and apply your new knowledge in challenging and exciting ways.

Five benefits of classroom learning

If you need more convincing, below are five key advantages to learning in the classroom with our virtual classroom delivery mode.


virtual classroom


1. Get help from your trainers in real time

You’ll get to interact in real time with trainers and support staff. If there’s something you need assistance with, your trainer is there to help you right away.

Trainers also have the opportunity to observe and interact with you, which enables them to identify your strengths and learning style. This means that you’re more likely to get a learning experience that’s tailored to you.

Learning in our virtual classroom also means that it’s easier for trainers to demonstrate practical aspects of the course where necessary. When developing the complex practical skills you’ll need on the job, it can be really helpful to watch and learn.

2. A structured and immersive learning experience

For some people, self-directed learning can be difficult. Attending virtual classes provides a firm structure and a timetable which tells you where to be and when, as well as what’s required of you. The structure of having a place to be at a specific time is often just the thing many of us need to stop procrastinating and achieve success.

3. Peer to peer learning

Sometimes it’s the people we study with who can teach us the most. While studying online gives you flexibility, attending classes means that you will experience a sense of inclusivity and community with your peers. Virtual classroom offers both! Cohorts often develop tight bonds as they support each other through the challenges of the course.

You will be able to share knowledge with your classmates, learning from each other and asking questions in a friendly, non-judgemental environment.

4. Flexibility and accessibility

We all have different schedules and commitments to keep, which is where virtual classroom really shines. Learners can access learning materials and participate in classes from anywhere with an internet connection. This means more accessibility to balance education with work, family responsibilities, and life.

Plus, you can also save time and money when it comes to travel costs associated with commuting.

5. Fast and effective learning style

Combining the benefits of classroom delivery and online learning, virtual classroom is the best of worlds for learners. It can fast-track your learning, with its balance of face-to-face support, peer interaction, convenience, and practical components. You’ll be ready to enter a rewarding career with confidence in no time!

Study via Selmar’s virtual classroom learning experience!

Receive face-to-face online support from caring, expert trainers, learn alongside peers in a collaborative environment and gain feedback in real time!

Immerse yourself in the virtual classroom experience and get inspired! Find out more about our courses, delivery modes and what supports are available to you.

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