Embracing change

Embrace change

Many people see change as a threat but with a shift in mindset change is an opportunity. You can then not only survive but thrive through times of change.

For business leaders, the term change management is used when dealing with these situations. By developing creative ways of enabling employees, clients and other stakeholders to accept change positively, leaders can inspire trust and acceptance through periods of change or turbulence.

A change management strategy involves undertaking risk analysis and identifying barriers to change. This can be achieved through consultation with relevant people and groups. Seeking their input on the change process encourages your stakeholders to feel part of the decision making process. When it comes time to implement your strategy, you will have a collective of engaged supporters able to effectively promote and discuss the change management plan.

The next step is arranging activities to communicate and educate your team and stakeholders through a project plan. Activities and resources, such as communications tools, meetings and events, can be set out through a project timetable.

It’s also important to conduct regular evaluations and reviews of your plan to ensure your business can continue to adapt and prosper as new situations develop.

The Victorian Government’s Business Victoria site features some useful advice and resources for managing organisational change.

This includes skills training for retrenched workers though the Workers in Transition program as well as tools to help with business planning in areas such as risk management and mentoring.

You could also explore information on grants for new and creative business activities.

To learn more about managing organisational change as well as other key business skills required to climb the corporate ladder, Selmar’s Diploma of Management BSB51107 might be the right path you.

This qualification prepares graduates for senior business roles by building a solid foundation across a broad range of business functions, including organisational development, marketing, advertising, HR planning and finances.

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