Salary guide for aged care jobs

Aged care qualifications can set you up for a rewarding career with employees in high demand. If you’re considering an aged care career you’re probably wondering about aged care pay. Your hours, responsibilities, experience and the individual employer will affect what you earn in aged care.

If an aged care career is something you’re looking into, gaining an insight into what you might earn can help you decide which direction is right for you.

Aged care pay guide 2018

As an aged care worker, you will be paid under the Aged Care Award 2010.

These figures show you the minimum weekly wages for aged care employees in Australia:

Aged care pay

Your employee may pay above award, and as you can see as you gain more experience you are able to increase your earning capacity.

Comparing median earnings in aged care

These figures from Payscale show you the national median aged care salary you can expect in Australia based on what others are earning in the industry. Keep in mind while these figures can be used as a guide, your working hours, responsibilities, experience, company and qualifications will affect what you earn.

Aged care worker: $40,835

Disability care worker: $50,701

Residential support worker: $52,947

Community support worker: $49,905

Care coordinator: $60,907

Your earnings will, of course, depend on whether you opt for full time, part time or casual employment.

When researching aged care pay, also look at working conditions, location, working hours, professional development opportunities and other aspects of employment.


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