How much early childhood educators earn (and how to become one)

The role of early childhood educator, also known as child care worker, is a valued role in communities. With the responsibility of caring for children to give them the best start, plus enabling parents to go back to work, a child care career is incredibly fulfilling. So what is the child care salary you can expect in this role?

Working as an early childhood educator in Australia can earn you from $37,533 to $66,468, according to Payscale. The national median salary is $50,248, increasing slightly to $50,403 for those working in Melbourne.

It may be obvious but it’s worth noting that your earnings from a child care career will vary depending on your role. Once qualified in early childhood education, you could take up employment as a child care worker in a centre, work as a nanny or even run your own family day care service.

One of the many benefits of working in child care is the flexibility and variety in work options. There are many part time and casual positions available, which can often suit parents.

The child care industry also offers the opportunity to grow in your industry, with the potential to become a child care centre director. This role has a higher median than the average child care salary, earning you from $45,885 to $81,775.

Pursue a child care career

If a career caring for children and guiding them through their first five years of development sounds appealing, and a child care salary can work for you, get qualified with Selmar. Our child care courses are highly regarded in the industry and our graduates are sought after. You will be working as an early childhood educator sooner than you think!

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