What could I earn as an aged care worker?

Aged care work is rewarding, challenging and a great career path for many. But how much is an aged care salary? And how can you go about getting a job?

Aged care is a sector that is growing rapidly in Australia, and with the high demand for quality aged care workers to care for the oldest and most vulnerable members of our communities, it’s a great time to consider an aged care career.

Aged care salary

With any career endeavours, earnings are a consideration. As such, if working in aged care is an option for you, you are probably curious as to how much money you could earn in the industry.

According to the most recent data on Payscale, an aged care worker in Victoria earns an average salary of  $50,000.

Along with the financial earnings working in aged care, you have the added flexibility of a variety of hours and roles to choose from.

Part-time, night work, casual work and many other variations on the standard 9-5 style of employment are available to qualified aged care workers. This makes the industry a valuable option for the many individuals who don’t want to work all day, Monday to Friday. As just one example, parents who want to save on child care by working nights while their partners are home with children find aged care to be an ideal career path.

Become an aged care worker

Gaining the qualifications needed to become an aged care worker doesn’t take as long as you may think. In fact you can complete your qualification in 12 months. You can view our highly regarded aged care courses here.

A CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support is a great place to start your training and gives you the skills and knowledge needed to become an aged care worker. Study aged care online via our virtual classroom, an online learning portal that gives learners the flexibility to train from anywhere while still receiving individual support from a dedicated aged care trainer.

Plus, we can organise your placement for you to get you essential hands-on experience during your course. You’ll graduate ready to go!

Contact us today for more information on our aged and disability care courses and how to get started.


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