New Year, new career for 2018

As we farewell 2017 and say a big ‘hello’ to 2018, it’s only natural that we reflect on the year that was — and start making our plans for the year to come. Could the end of the year be the beginning of a new career for you?

New Year’s resolution: start a new career

Whether you actively make New Year’s resolutions or not, the start of a fresh year is a great time to start planning out how you’ll tackle it and what you want to achieve.

If your current job contributed negatively to 2017 or just didn’t bring you happiness or fulfillment, it could be a good time to consider how you can change this. A new year career with Certificate or Diploma courses in meaningful and rewarding industries like aged care or child care could be just what you need. Best of all, these industries are growing bigger and bigger, with aged carers and child care workers in high demand.

Making your plan for 2018

Here’s how your new year career plan can get under way in just three steps.

First, assess and reflect. What went wrong this year? What went right? What do you want more of and less of? For example, you were sitting down all day, every day this year, but you’d rather be up and about on the job. Maybe you just want to do something that has a positive impact on the lives of others.

Identify opportunities. Look for careers that take you in the right direction — refer back to your reflections to stay on track. For example, aged care and child care careers won’t have you stuck at a desk. And they certainly change the lives of society’s most vulnerable for the better.

Go for it. Don’t put things off. Put your happiness and wellbeing first, and get stuck in. Find a course that gets you where you want to be, and get enrolled in the new year. If you’re unsure about which course, ask a course advisor. Our course advisors are full of valuable information for you.

It’s that easy to do something incredible for your life and create a truly satisfying and fulfilling year for yourself. Imagine how rewarding it will feel when you’re looking back and reflecting this time next year.

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