Saying thanks on Aged Care Employee Day

Hundreds of thousands of employees across the aged care sector provide care for some of the most vulnerable members of our communities each and every day. Aged Care Employee Day is an opportunity to encourage Australians to acknowledge the important work of aged care workers.

Throughout this year individuals working in aged care have continued to support seniors, delivering much-needed care in residential services and for those living independently. From personal hygiene to errands and even the comfort of social contact and conversation during some very challenging times, aged care workers have been at the forefront of the pandemic and its impact. For the meaningful work they undertake daily, this day is about saying thank you to those working in aged care!

Aged Care Employee Day: Thanks for Caring

This year the theme of Aged Care Employee Day is Thanks for Caring, with the day itself calling on us to do just that — give thanks to aged care employees for caring for our ageing Australians.

The day aims to honour carers, nurses, cleaners, cooks, drivers, hospitality teams, allied health professionals, admin teams, lifestyle officers, volunteers — everyone who contributes to this essential industry.

Commending aged care employees across the workforce

The aged care workforce is made up of a range of roles with employees contributing their unique skills and knowledge to provide care for ageing Australians in a variety of settings.

From residential care facilities to community-based care and home care, aged care workers make up a workforce of over 360,000 individuals who are making a difference in lives and communities with their work. While over 80% of those working in aged care are women, many men are coming into the sector to provide care to the growing number of aged care recipients each year.

Aged care workers often possess a number of qualities that enable them to approach their work with compassion and kindness, including patience, empathy and effective communication skills. Aged care employees are capable of enhancing the physical and mental health and wellbeing of the elderly through their work, and often develop rewarding relationships with those in their care that are truly cherished.

The importance of aged care work

The care delivered by employees of the aged care workforce is invaluable. It truly changes lives, it enhances lives and high-quality aged care can even extends lives.

One of our aged care trainers, Michelle, shares her insights about the incredible people who work in aged care:

For me being a part of this sector is a wonderful honour. Every day that you go to work you make a huge difference in people’s days/lives. The people that you care for are so interesting, rich with stories of days gone by, stories like riding a horse to school with your sister and brother all on the same horse.

To be a good personal carer you need to have empathy and patience but in my experience, the more you give to these beautiful people the more you get back.

I have the highest regard for people working in the Aged care sector; they are amazing, strong, caring, selfless and deserve all the support they can get always but especially in these difficult times. Hold your heads high, we are all here standing with you!

This Aged Care Employee Day, join us in taking a moment to honour the aged care employees around you and thank them for their commitment and care. Support the aged care sector and its valuable contribution to the lives of our elderly as we continue to work together to ensure aged care is delivered to the highest standard possible.

From all of us at Selmar, thank you to all aged care employees for your inspiring work!

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