Understanding emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognise our own emotions and the feelings of others. Understanding what causes our emotions and how we react to them helps us to manage our responses to difficult situations. This knowledge can help you to make better decisions and become a better leader.

Here are some basic tips for implementing emotional intelligence in your interactions.

Understanding emotions

Recognising how emotions influence your reactions is the first step in understanding emotional intelligence. Do you get angry, upset or defensive in a difficult situation? Once you identify your emotional reactions, you can begin to think beyond these feelings and look for real solutions. If you begin by looking inward, you can then start to understand the emotional responses of those around you.

Active listening

Many of us can be guilty of tuning out when someone is talking; hearing the words without actually listening to what is being said. Understanding the feelings behind the words is just as important as the words themselves. Eye contact and observing body language is a useful way to fully engage.


Team players work together to achieve common goals. If you are aware of your own emotions and those of others, you can promote harmony and collaboration in your team.

Compassion and understanding in any situation is highly regarded but in the professional environment, these are skills that establish leadership.

If you would like to find out more about how to inspire others through developing your emotional intelligence, Selmar’s upcoming Diploma of Leadership and Management BSB51915 will include training in this area. Students will be able to enroll from early 2016. The unit will cover the role of emotional intelligence in increasing self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management in the workplace. It will also include training on how to recognise and appreciate the emotional strengths and weaknesses of others.

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