Three good reasons to update CPR training yearly

Keeping your qualifications up to date is essential.  ACECQA states that first aid qualifications should be renewed every three years as the industry standard. CPR refresher training should be taken every 12 months.

CPR training with Selmar is simpler than ever thanks to our new online learning portal. This means you can do pre-learning online when it best suits you. Many child care professionals are curious to know why they need to complete CPR training yearly. Here are 3 reasons why it is important!


CPR refresher training required annually

Here are 3 reasons why it is important to update CPR qualifications every year as a child care worker.

  1. You (probably) aren’t performing CPR regularly

Working in child care it’s good that you’re not required to perform CPR regularly. It does mean that the skills you learn in your CPR qualification can become distant. Even medical professionals like nurses have been found to benefit from regular CPR refresher training. It Increases their ability to retain their life-saving CPR knowledge. To make sure you always know what to do when the time comes to deliver CPR and potentially save a child’s life, yearly CPR refresher training is a must.

  1. Procedures change

With research and the medical industry advancing rapidly, first aid procedures can change. CPR was originally developed back in the 60s. So it’s not surprising that it has experienced many changes over the years. Your knowledge of CPR and the best way to perform it needs to be as up to date as possible. Yearly refreshers can ensure this and build your confidence.

  1. Building confidence

Practice makes perfect!. With your ongoing training, you’ll only benefit from more confidence that will make you more capable in case of an emergency where CPR is required.


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