Early Learning Matters

Did you know that the most critical period of development for the human brain is in the first five years of life? It is during this time that the brain undergoes the fastest development to lay the foundation for our future. It is also the period of time when children in Australia have the opportunity to receive their early childhood education, making quality early learning vital to a child’s development.

Early Learning Matters Week presents an occasion to recognise and raise awareness of the inspiring and meaningful work undertaken each day by early childhood educators, teachers, trainers and carers. Organised by leading early childhood organisation and voice for young children, Early Childhood Australia, Early Learning Matters Week helps to celebrate of the importance of early learning for our children and society.

We asked a few of our trainers to explain why they are passionate about the work they do within the early childhood education and care sector and why early learning matters to them.

 ECEC trainers, Selmar Institute of Education

Early childhood supports Australia’s future

Research continually demonstrates the invaluable nature of early childhood for children and their development, both in the present and well into the future.

An investment into early childhood education is an investment in a thriving Australia in years to come — Early Learning Matters Week aims to improve the recognition of the role early childhood services play in our communities and push for greater support for the sector and its dedicated workers.

Empowering children to reach their full potential

High quality early years education and care contributes to the social, emotional, physical, behavioural and cognitive development of children. The early learning provided through child care services and kindergarten can have a notable positive impact on a child acquiring the skills needed to flourish and enter their formal years of schooling with confidence and readiness. Early childhood education plays a particularly important role for the most vulnerable children in our communities, reducing inequalities in educational outcomes both in the short and long term.

The early childhood sector also delivers vital support to families. Without it, parents and carers of young children may be unable to return to work or struggle to provide for their families. Early learning should be viewed by communities as a valuable place for children to spend their time. This gives parents the confidence that choosing to utilise early childhood education for their children is a choice to give children access to a fantastic start in life that will benefit their development and wellbeing.

Early Learning Matters Week

Exploring the world through early learning

Early learning also gives children the chance to discover their surroundings and explore the world from a safe place with the comfort and security of caring adults. While some families can provide these experiences and do a great job, early childhood education ensures that all children have access to stimulating and educational experiences, supported by educators who are trained to deliver them.

The play-based approach taken by early childhood providers means children benefit from partaking in activities that are engaging and lots of fun, while also fostering skills and creativity that will contribute to their learning for life.

Early learning — it really matters

To show your support for Early Learning Matters Week, you can talk to others about your experiences with early learning and how important it is, post a message on social media about why you think early learning is so vital or share images of the ways that you promote children’s learning.

The early childhood education and care sector is essential for children, families and communities. From all of us here at Selmar, thank you to all those who work in and advocate for ECEC — you are making a difference in the lives and futures of every child every day.

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