Upskilling or reskilling for a rewarding career in aged care

The aged care sector has changed over the past few years with a renewed emphasis on compassion, dignity and people-focused care. To maintain this commitment the aged care sector not only needs to be underpinned by thoughtful policies and funding, but most importantly, the strength of its workers.

If you’ve been working in the aged care sector you might have observed some of these positive changes taking place. Keeping it up requires workers to be confident in their ability to deliver quality care. It might be time to consider upskilling or reskilling to enhance your skillset and renew your passion for aged care.


Upskilling aged care

Putting people at the heart of aged care

Creating a better aged care system for everyone requires our ongoing commitment to providing compassionate care. Following recommendations from the Royal Commission, an ethical and more effective aged care sector needs to put people first. This means emphasising dignity, quality of life and the power of choice for elderly individuals.

With this shift comes new requirements for aged care workers, who need to be confident in their ability to provide compassionate and focused care. For some, this means upskilling or reskilling to elevate your knowledge and capabilities.

Upskilling to renew your passion for aged care

Working in the aged care sector can be tough. Since the pandemic you may be feeling burnt out, undervalued and exhausted. Alternatively, you might be feeling extra passionate about creating positive change in a sector you’ve noticed needs improvement.

These are valid thoughts and feelings and it’s good to want change. It’s also helpful to remember the reasons you became a personal care assistant in the first place.

As naturally generous and caring individuals it’s important and highly rewarding to see elderly people living their best lives. Upskilling or reskilling can give you a renewed sense of purpose and the motivation you need to get excited about your role as an aged care worker.

Be part of a new vision for aged care


Upskilling aged care


Rethinking aged care requires everyone to do their part. The simplest way for employees to participate in this vision is to upskill or reskill. Your employers should find ways to support you in this process and facilitate your learning.

Furthering your skills by upskilling will make you a better carer not only by enhancing your capabilities but by inspiring you all over again.

Some things you can expect from upskilling include:

Increased confidence

Upskill training builds confidence and sparks passion. It can improve the quality and output of work and make your job feel easier because you have the skills and training to approach challenges with assertion and ease. Confidence at work enables you to work better and feel better about what you do.

Workplace satisfaction

There’s nothing worse than feeling tired, jaded or bored – especially if you’ve been working in the sector for a long time. Enhancing your skillset can make things more interesting and give you greater job satisfaction. Who knows – you might even have fun in the process.

New knowledge

It’s never too late to learn something new. The best part is that it will not only refresh your skillset but also increase your passion for your aged care career.

You might have the hands-on experience that makes you a fantastic carer already, but you’ll find it so much more rewarding when you have a strong base in knowledge and theory to support these practices.

Upskilling could be your opportunity to learn something new and let it inspire you to be a better carer all-round.

More responsibility, more reward


Upskilling aged care


With great skill comes great responsibility. Don’t let this deter you – see it as an opportunity for healthy challenges and growth. Increased responsibility based on your enhanced skillset will give you more interesting roles. You’ll gain the respect of your colleagues and employers and feel like a valued member of the team.

Important qualifications

Getting qualified means taking yourself on an exciting new journey. You’ll gain current knowledge of both theory and practice and participate in creating better aged care for all. At the end of it you’ll have that special piece of paper with your name on it which will become your passport to better jobs, better workplaces and higher reward. Starting with a Certificate III in Individual Support can take you far.

Better job prospects

Upskilling, reskilling or gaining a new qualification opens doors. Enhancing your capabilities and confidence means investing in yourself and your future, demanding better opportunities and better pay. It gives you more respect in the workplace, greater scope and the ability to progress your career.

How do I start?

Choosing a course provider who understands the importance of upskilling is the first step. At Selmar we work with learners to ensure their training fits with the latest approach to aged care and the demands of a changing sector.

Why upskill with Selmar?


Upskilling aged care


We provide flexible learning options so that you’ll be able to strike a perfect balance between study, work and life. Upskilling or reskilling shouldn’t mean you have to make huge sacrifices to get where you want to go. We want to make it easy for you to study aged care and get the most out of your course.

Our trainers have worked in aged care themselves and are passionate about the sector. They know exactly how your workplace runs and can empathise with your experiences and insights. The best thing is that you’ll have their support every step of the way.

Choosing your course

Once you’ve started with an aged care course like the Certificate III in Individual Support, there is the option to progress even further and thrive in the workplace.

The Certificate IV in Ageing Support is for those who are ready to advance their skills and careers. This course builds on your existing aged care qualifications, deepening your knowledge and skills to support you to take on more responsibilities and work toward coordinator and leadership roles.

If you’re interested in developing skills to move into lifestyle and leisure areas in aged care, the Certificate IV in Leisure and Health educates learners on how to design lifestyle-based programs around existing medical care plans, as well as implementing the programs and evaluating their impact and success.

The Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management is ideal for experienced aged care professionals wishing to share their skills and knowledge with newer staff. Designed to help you get the best out of your team and enhance your upper management skills, this senior qualification has been designed for leaders in the aged care sector. Graduates develop skills in leadership, managing diversity, working to a business model and managing finances.

Why learners love Selmar

*Stats from NCVER VET Student Outcomes Survey 2020

Aged care professionals enjoy training to upskill with Selmar because of our deep understanding of the sector. Our trainers make sure that learners have their full support to succeed and are flexible as needed when learners are balancing work, life and studies.

For recent Selmar graduate Danielle, embarking on upskilling has been excellent:

“Life is amazing since completing my course! I feel such a sense of achievement because I never thought I could do something like this”, says Danielle.

Find out how we can support you to become a better aged care worker and thrive by getting in touch with the team at Selmar today.


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