Advance your career: Danielle’s experience

Finding a career that is fulfilling and enjoyable is what most of us strive for. Once we have found that career, it’s also nice to know what might come next and how we can progress or advance in the workplace.

In aged care or disability care there are many opportunities to grow in your career, and upskilling your qualifications is often a way to achieve your goals.

For Selmar learner and disability care worker Danielle, her disability care employer encouraged her to upskill in order to take on a new position in the workplace at a 2A level, also known as Second in Charge.

Initially overwhelmed at the prospect of taking on this more senior role, Danielle’s management team reassured her that she was the right person for the job and Danielle decided to go for it. To take on the role of 2A, Danielle was required to undertake an Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management.

With the support of her employer, Danielle enrolled to study while working full time in the new 2A role. While the Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management allows for 18 months from start to completion, Danielle completed the course in around six months.

“Everyone is capable!”, she says.

Studying with Selmar = support

Initially Danielle had commenced her Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management with a different training organisation, however she found that she did not receive any support. Jumping online with her partner to research an alternative RTO to complete her studies, Danielle found Selmar and immediately knew that this was a high-quality training organisation that really cares about supporting its learners.

“Selmar seemed too good to be true. I felt really welcomed and supported right away.”

Thorough and constructive feedback on assignments from her trainer empowered Danielle to learn and develop her knowledge and skills quickly during the Advanced Diploma. Her trainer was always responsive when she emailed him, and when some personal issues arose, he was supportive and flexible to accommodate.

Studying online made simple

While Danielle has previously been accustomed to learning in classroom settings, she found the Selmar online learning portal made studying online simple and effective.

“It was very easy to use. The wording of all the course material was really good and straightforward, and I loved the quizzes on each unit.”

A key aspect that Danielle found useful when it comes to studying online was to block out set times to commit to your studies.

“Really plan it out, write it in a diary. Don’t have appointments, even phone appointments, don’t have anyone visiting, don’t duck out during that time — you just won’t be able to stay focused.”

Planning everything ahead of time was a skill that not only helped Danielle complete her studies online but is also something she learned to be highly important in leadership and management in the workplace.

Other areas Danielle felt were developed through her course were soft skills like effective communication and empathy. For others considering the disability care sector for a career path, Danielle highlighted honesty and a supportive nature as valuable qualities.

“Honesty is a big one. You have to be open and honest about mistakes so you can move forward and learn from that. Being supportive of your customers and also other staff members is crucial.”

Plenty to learn from upskilling

Even with 12 years of disability care experience behind her, Danielle found the Advanced Diploma offered plenty for her to learn.

“The course goes into a lot of depth and I was surprised by how much I learned”.

Taking on a course to upskill and advance a career can open new opportunities in the workplace, help you take on your work with more confidence and reach your full potential both professionally and personally.

“Life is amazing since completing my Advanced Diploma! I feel such a sense of achievement because I never thought I could do something like this”, says Danielle.

Career satisfaction

With her new role and qualifications, Danielle has no further plans to change things up in her career, saying:

“I am really so happy where I am. I love being in a positive workplace and making a difference for the customers and their families and the 2A role really suits me.”

Career satisfaction is invaluable and makes a notable difference to your life. Shape the career you want and consider upskilling to achieve your goals.

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