Assistant Director Mei shares her Selmar child care journey

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Humans of Selmar: Mei Lee Teoh

Graduate & now Assistant Director // Guardian: Kids Time McKinnon

When it comes to passion in the workplace, Mei’s love for her child care career is truly contagious. A qualified teacher in Malaysia, moving to Melbourne saw Mei ready to make a bit of a career shift and she decided to follow her passion and complete her early childhood education and care training.

Moving to a new country and starting a new career are big decisions, as is choosing the right training provider.


“The director from my son’s child care centre recommended Selmar so I did my research and made the call. The course advisors were very helpful, patient and clearly explained the courses.”


Once qualified, Mei began her child care journey in the nursery room at Guardian’s Kids Time McKinnon. Within 6 months she became a Room Leader, responsible for organising the room and leading the other educators. And now, Mei is proud to be Assistant Director at her centre!

“I found my own goals and philosophy for working in child care. I want to be a good educator who is able to support and give the best care to children and their families.”

Balancing study with caring for her own then three-year old was challenging in the beginning, but it didn’t take Mei long to realise that she had chosen the right career.  It was Selmar’s supportive nature and flexibility that ensured Mei could complete her course, especially when she required time off from her studies due to personal reasons.


“Selmar was very supportive, and I could return to continue my course and complete my practical placement in two stages.”


As well as Mei being able to complete her course in a way that fitted in with her other life commitments, her training experience with Selmar was highly practical and informative, and relevant to the industry which left her feeling very capable and confident. In fact, Mei loved training so much that after she completed her Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care she went on to complete the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care and then on to the Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management.

It’s clear that Mei finds her career in child care incredibly rewarding and fulfilling:

“I love my job and I look forward to work every day. I enjoy seeing the parents smile, giving us their trust. The children’s cuddles and kisses bring me so much happiness!”


So, what is it that makes Mei feel so passionate about her work in child care?
“Too much! The laughter and smiles from the children and their families. To see the children grow and develop from babies into toddlers and into kinder children…I really love working in child care”.

The child care industry is so lucky to have incredible people like Mei and the rest of the team at Guardian’s Kids Time McKinnon. Mei is looking forward to continuing being a good mentor to other educators and supporting parents by providing a positive early learning experience for their children.


Five Fast Questions with Mei Lee


1. Three words to describe the Selmar training experience: Fulfilling, eye opening, satisfying.

2. Advice for others considering a child care career: Make sure working with children is your passion and that you truly love it. Love the children like they’re your own!

3. Top tips for thriving in a child care career: Plan your work day ahead and always communicate with the other educators, parents, children and management.

3. Qualities that make a great child care educator: Patient, passionate, hardworking, honest, sincere, responsible and loves children!

5. What sets Selmar students apart from the rest? Selmar students are very knowledgeable, well trained and have a really good understanding about what to expect in the child care industry. Selmar trains good students!


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