Case study: Working with industry to improve lives

Selmar Institute of Education teamed up with the Department of Jobs and Small Business, home care provider Calvary Community Care and Ternary a specialised recruiter in the health care sector to help deliver a quality workforce to Calvary and an opportunity for job seekers to find meaningful employment.

Selmar created a 6-week refresher training program which was aligned to Calvary Community Care’s core values and approach to delivering high-quality personalised care and funded by the Department of Jobs and Small Business through their Launch into Work program.

The overall goal of the Calvary program was to match candidates already trained in aged care but unsuccessful in securing permanent work, with the attributes suited to specific aged care jobs and to the values of Calvary, and then develop their skills through a pre-employment program.

Enter Selmar. With more than a decade of training and tailoring programs to the specific needs of organisations, Selmar was chosen to create the 6-week refresher program. The program was led by Pam Christou who worked to ensure candidates could deliver the high-quality personalised care desired by Calvary and have the opportunity to launch into a rewarding career.

The initiative proved to be a wonderful testament to how cross-industry collaboration can work to improve lives.

Proving that working together can improve lives

Calvary wanted a workforce whose values were aligned to theirs and those who had a true passion for the industry and were prepared to offer some extra support to feel confident and job-ready. Through Ternary’s recruiting process, suitable candidates were selected based on attitude, personality, passion and an enthusiasm to change their future.

Participants were a diverse group, with 17 women and five men taking part aged between 19 and 63-years old. Within the group, there were several cultural and religious backgrounds represented as well as five religious backgrounds, members of the LGBTQI+ community, and parents returning to the workforce.

While the individuals each had an industry recognised qualification, they had all been unable to find permanent aged care jobs for reasons such as lack of confidence, perceived discrimination, financial disadvantage and poor past experiences in the aged care industry.

After the program, the candidates said they felt more confident and ready to do the job they already knew they were passionate about. Not only have the participants experienced the notable benefit of getting employed, but Calvary found the program so effective and beneficial to their organisation that they are delivered the program twice.

The two programs, with collaborative effort from Selmar, Calvary and Ternary was a truly great success, with 22 participants gaining meaningful employment as community support workers in the growing aged care industry.


Launch into Work success for Calvary Community Care and Selmar   Launch into Work success for Calvary Community Care and Selmar

Selmar graduates Launch into Work with Calvary Community Care

We look forward to continuing to support organisations as they utilise the Launch into Work program to help people move into paid work, build their confidence and skill and ultimately gain pathways into employment for a rewarding career.

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