Flexible Hours In Aged Care For A Better Work Life Balance


We all want a job we can be passionate about and enjoying going to. But we also want to have the time to enjoy our personal lives too.

Of course, our personal lives are all different so what suits one person may not work for another person at all. So what sort of career offers hours that cater to a range of lifestyles? A career in aged care, that’s what!

Aged care jobs with hours to suit your lifestyle

When you’re qualified as an aged care worker, you can choose from a number of different positions. For example, you might work as a residential care worker in a clinic or facility. Or perhaps you will start a job as a home care assistant, taking care of older individuals within their own homes.

While some aged care jobs could stick to the classic hours of 9am – 5pm, there are many that offer flexible hours that could better suit your life and your needs.

Rosters with days, evenings, nights or weekend options

Parents often find that working evenings is perfect for them to maximise time spent with their children during the day.

Night shift is an option in aged care work if overnight work suits you.

Maybe you don’t fancy working during the week or you have another job and want the benefit of working in aged care over the weekend.

You could even find a roster in your aged care job that includes a combination of daytime, evening and weekend work!

Employment in aged care can be on a permanent basis, contract work or even casual if you prefer this level of flexibility.

Live the life you want with an aged care career

Whatever your lifestyle there’s a job in aged care with working hours to suit, so when you work in aged care your personal life and professional life can both thrive.

To learn more about embarking on an aged care career, get in touch with us by calling 1300 223 040 or email myfuture@selmar.edu.au.

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