The mutual benefits of professional development in child care

Everyone likes a win-win, don’t they? And supporting a team of employees in accessing professional development opportunities is just that. Professional development in child care is an investment into your business and its most important resource – its people.


Being proactive about building the skills of your workforce is a simple yet incredibly effective way of taking your child care business to the next level. Let’s explore the benefits of professional development for your service.



How professional development benefits your child care centre



  • Motivate staff: If your team is lacking enthusiasm, child care professional development can reinvigorate their passion for the industry and give your team members the motivation they need to get excited about their career.


  • Increase productivity: With the confidence and capabilities gained through additional training, you can expect your team of educators to be more efficient than ever and have the latest and greatest knowledge to benefit the way your centre is run.


  • Raise your standard: When child care professionals are equipped with the latest information and training, they will be able to provide the highest possible standard of care. Enhancing your team enhances your centre at the same time, and that means you’ll attract more families.


  • Retain staff: An employee who feels valued and fulfilled at work is one who stays, and professional development can be an excellent way to show your staff that you care. In this way, you’ll save money on recruitment and with highly trained educators your child care centre will be in the best position to increase enrolments too.


Professional development in child care: a win-win


Within these advantages of professional development to your child care centre, it’s easy to see how educators benefit too, but let’s summarise:


  • Keep your knowledge up to date: Keeping your industry know-how up to date is vital and regular professional development means you have the latest information and tools to do your job to the highest standard.


  • Increased sense of satisfaction at work: Everyone wants to feel satisfied within their career, and professional development can improve your enjoyment of work. Knowing that your employer has invested in you and your skillset is incredibly rewarding.


  • Gain confidence: Confidence at work enables you to do a better job and enjoy your job more, making getting up for work every day much easier. Professional development training builds your confidence and sparks your passion.


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