Laetisha Scanlan chooses child care career for work/life balance

It’s a common career misconception that you must pick one industry and stick to it. Forever. It’s simply not true. In this day and age, you can try working in many industries – some may suit certain stages of your life better than others.

You might even choose to commit yourself to more than one industry at one time. That’s okay too – many elements of your career and life can co-exist happily and bring happiness to your life.

That is the case for clay target shooting champion Laetisha Scanlan. Laetisha is a two time Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist, Olympic finalist and is currently ranked 9th in the world. She is also studying child care at Selmar.

Why Laetisha Scanlan chose child care

So what made Laetisha choose to study a child care course and focus on child care as a career?

“I was playing with my little cousins and realised that I could actually get paid to do something like this”.

As someone who loves children, a child care course just made sense for Laetisha. Work life balance is important to her too, and qualified child care workers are able to choose from a range of roles and hours depending on your lifestyle and goals.

Laetisha was excited to get started, but with a busy lifestyle (including being an elite athlete!) a big consideration was fitting study into her life. A course via Selmar’s distance delivery mode was just right and gives Laetisha the flexibility she needs to gain her qualifications in a way that works for her.

“It allows me to travel, and I can still study and email my teachers, and whenever I’m having a difficult time they’re always there for me.”

According to Laetisha and her friends, choosing Selmar is a no-brainer. If a child care course is what you’re looking for, Selmar is the place to find it. Explore our child care courses here.

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