What are the benefits of studying online?

Once a pipe dream and a desirable option for many, studying online has become the norm over the last few years. And it’s not surprising.

While taking on studies once meant organising class schedules that fit in with work and life commitments, considerations of distance for travel time, commuting options and more, studying online has added flexibility to getting qualified.

If you’re curious about getting qualified via an online course, read on to explore the advantages of studying online.

Studying online

The role of online learning during the pandemic

When the pandemic began, online training was able to ensure learners could continue their studies through the uncertainty of the then-new virus and its impact. Many people started their courses on campus and completed them online as we all pivoted to adapt to the new circumstances.

Since then, sticking with studying online has enabled everyone to continue with their studies with more certainty. Rather than constantly working with the changing restrictions, online learning offers the opportunity to create a new normal to achieve study goals no matter what is happening in the world around us.

The difference between studying online VS studying on campus

When it comes to quality of your course, choosing a reputable provider means you can rest assured that your online studying will offer an exceptional training experience. So, if the quality of the course material is the same whether you study on campus or online, what are the differences between online courses compared to in the classroom?

Check out these key areas of priority for learners and how online versus on campus measures up.

Connecting with other learners

Studying on campus can be a fun way to meet people but since the onset of the pandemic and its evolving restrictions it is no longer a reliable option for those wanting a consistent approach to their studies. Thankfully online training has come a long way and has created an interactive and collaborative approach to distance learning.

Flexible timetable

While on campus course delivery mode means sticking to a fixed timetable of in-person classes, online learning takes a flexible approach. You can choose when to fit in your classes depending on what suits your unique lifestyle and circumstances. Online learning is far easier to incorporate when you work, have children or just lead a busy life.

No risk of attendance concerns

Attendance at classes on campus can often make up a portion of your overall marks. In fact, in many instances if you don’t attend enough classes you could risk failing. Not the case with online learning — you can do your studies at a time that works for you.

Save time on travel

Commuting to an on campus class can add hours of dead time to each day. Matching your class timetable to the train or bus timetable can seem impossible, not to mention the expense of the commute. Studying online you can choose to log in to your classes from wherever you like. This could be from your desk at home, a local library or café or from a sun lounger by the pool.

Support during the course

There may be some online courses that simply give you a log in and leave you to it, but that is not reflective of how a high quality online course should be delivered. For example, at Selmar our learners are matched with a dedicated trainer who supports them from beginning to end. You will get to know each other via phone, text, email and in-person catch ups, and they will guide you through every aspect of your course, including support with practical placement.

What’s involved when studying online with Selmar

It’s true that not all online courses are made equal. We have made it our mission to create an online course that combines all the advantages of learning online and on campus, without any of the downsides!

Here’s what you can expect when you study online with Selmar:

  • Intuitive online portal: Our online learning portal is a state-of-the-art space where you can access course work, get individualised feedback, connect with trainers and other learners and submit assessments all in one place. It’s easy to use and can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection for maximum flexibility.
  • Trainer support: All of our trainers have real-life experience in relevant sectors and workplaces, so they closely understand it, as well as the type of challenges you might come across. The trainer’s aim is to develop a productive learning collaboration, tailored to your specific learning style, and a solid foundation for future professional relationships.
  • Learner success team support: Our Learner Success Team’s role is to help you negotiate any obstacles to learning you might encounter. They check in with you weekly or fortnightly for the chance for you to discuss your needs and challenges as they arise and troubleshoot them before they could become a problem.
  • Online community hubs: Our trainer-led learner community hubs are small online group webinar sessions with learners studying the same course as you, where you can actively engage with trainers and peers, asking questions, and finding solutions together. They are a great way to gain deeper understandings and to help you progress in your studies.

Choosing to complete your course via an online delivery mode gives you options for when, where and how you approach your training. With a high quality qualification attainable from the comfort of your own home, studying is more accessible than ever before.

Contact the team at Selmar to get all the info about how you can get qualified online.


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