Celebrate Harmony Day in Child Care

Fostering a culture of inclusivity and unity is paramount in early childhood education, and Harmony Day presents an exceptional opportunity to do just that.

Celebrated on March 21 each year, Harmony Day is a testament to Australia’s commitment to celebrating its cultural diversity and inclusivity in communities, including child care settings. For educators, this day offers a chance to engage children in activities that explore and appreciate the diverse range of cultures within our society.

Understanding, respect, and a sense of belonging are crucial values that contribute significantly to the developmental and emotional wellbeing of children. Early childhood educators and child care services are in a unique position to create a learning environment where diversity is not just acknowledged but celebrated, ensuring every child recognises their own unique value.

Harmony Day

Guide for Educators to Celebrate Harmony Day in Early Learning

Harmony Day in early childhood education is an invitation for educational fun and cultural appreciation. Here are several ways educators at can mark this important day:

Dressing up: Embrace Harmony Day by encouraging children to come in attire that reflects their cultural heritage. Or, wear the official Harmony Day colour, orange. This serves as an excellent conversation starter for children to share and take pride in their cultural stories, cultivating an appreciation for the diverse backgrounds of their peers.

Global map adventure: Introduce an interactive global map activity where children can place stickers on countries connected to their family history. This not only broadens their geographical knowledge but also visually represents the diverse heritage of the community in your rooms.

Cultural music and dance: Leverage the universal appeal of music and dance to celebrate cultural traditions. By exploring different cultural music and dance forms, children gain exposure to the rich tapestry of global cultures, breaking down barriers and building connections through the arts.

Storytelling circles: Create moments for storytelling where educators, and if possible, parents, share folk tales or stories from various cultures. This immersive experience allows children to voyage around the world through stories, learning about different cultural values and traditions in a captivating way.

Mini language lessons: Introduce children to basic phrases in languages represented within the class. This initiative promotes linguistic diversity and encourages respect and curiosity for different languages and cultures.

Building a compassionate future

The celebration of Harmony Day in early childhood settings is a step towards nurturing a generation that values diversity, inclusivity, and unity.

At Selmar, we believe in the power of early education to shape a future where every individual, irrespective of their background, is valued and understood.

Through deliberate and thoughtful activities and discussions around Harmony Day, we can lay the groundwork for a society that wholeheartedly embraces togetherness.

By embedding the values celebrated on Harmony Day into our everyday teaching, we aim to guide compassionate, understanding individuals to lead the way in creating a more inclusive and harmonious world.

Harmony Day



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