Are You Ready For A Promotion?


You’re keen to become a leader of tomorrow, to take the next step into a more senior role…but how do you ensure your boss knows this? And once they know, how to do you ensure you’re ready?

It takes planning and ambition to grow your career. Here are some tips for actions you can take in your role to earn a promotion.

Seek out opportunities

If there is a formal opportunity for advancement, review the job description of the role and look at your own skills and experience. Try to draw out some specific examples of your achievements in the required areas along with anecdotes of key skills you can offer.

Use the system

Many large organisations provide a clear progression with detailed job descriptions from one level, or grade, to the next. If your workplace offers these resources, read the description for your role and the next level up to identify the skills you need to develop.

Ask your manager

Schedule a meeting and hold a frank and sincere discussion with your manager requesting their input on whether you’re ready to move to the next level. Even if your boss decides you are not yet ready, you will have demonstrated your commitment to advancement and acknowledged key areas for improvement. You could then organise a follow-up meeting, in say six months, to revaluate.

Consider everyone

Today’s intern could be tomorrow’s boss so it’s a good idea to display professionalism and courtesy to everyone in your workplace. This type of behaviour is often recognised and appreciated by senior management and can influence their choice for promotion. It also helps to have a selection of colleagues to act as references when applying for new roles.

Get the qualification

Solidifying your credentials with further education can develop and enhance your leadership and managerial skills. Selmar offers a range of structured management training programs that provide a professional advantage for your career development.

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