Sun safety in child care!

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Why protecting children from the sun is so important?

As adults, we are all aware that we need to be safe in the sun. It’s also our responsibility to protect children from the sun. The ultraviolet radiation (UV rays) produced by the sun is what causes sun damage, including sunburn, skin cancers, damage to vision and premature ageing. What is particularly concerning is that our risk for skin cancer is increased by the sun damage and excess UV exposure experienced during childhood and adolescence. In other words, sun damage in youth can have a long-term impact.

In this eBook, you will learn about

  • Why protection from the sun is crucial for children
  • Why is Vitamin D important
  • How to be a SunSmart child care centre
  • 15 crucial tips for safety and a FREE infographic for you to print and put in your centre as a reminder for everyone to be SunSmart!

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