Add more value to your studies with engaged placement

After extensive consultation with industry leaders about what industries need in training and graduates, the Australian Industry and Skills Committee endorsed the CHC Community Services & HLT Health Training Packages. As part of this, work placement is a compulsory part of completing an aged care qualification.

Given Aged Care is hands on work, learning by doing makes sense! Our aged care students do 140 hours of engaged placement to ensure hands on experience to further enhance their skills and knowledge of the industry. We do more hours than the required minimum because we want to ensure all our graduates feel ready and will be valuable workers.

Aged Care trainers actively observe their students in a work setting. Here are some examples of what students may learn from a trainer in a placement setting:

  • Lifting individuals in and out of chairs safely
  • Communicating with individuals and accommodating their needs
  • Medication dispensing methods for individuals
  • Food preparation, food safety and nutrition
  • Observing and participating in social activities for residents such as reminiscing, storytelling and music therapy
  • Aged care administration and paperwork
  • Learning to handle difficult situations and resolving conflict

Work placement will help them to acquire more skills and job opportunities after completing your studies. Employers look for people with practical experience together with relevant studies and academic achievements.

Selmar strive to enhance student learning abilities and provide relevant work experience to best prepare students for the work place. Engaged placement will help you go to the next stage of your career more effectively, and be more confident when looking for your first job.

Engaged placement is also a great way to meet your fellow colleagues and interact with your trainers and ask the necessary questions regarding the industry, not always possible in a classroom. Combining studies and workplace training is the best way to get a head start towards your rewarding career.

Many employers look to Selmar when hiring because of our emphasis on work placement; employers know our graduates have the experience needed to succeed within the industry.

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