Meet Liz, a Selmar Graduate

You can always learn more

Whether it’s a new career or an update of qualifications, Selmar Aged Care training provides a supportive environment on your way to a range of career outcomes for aged care.

When 57-year-old Liz Baker decided to return to the Aged Care sector after a hiatus from the industry, Selmar Aged Care was her first choice to regain her qualifications.

“You can always learn more,” she says, “and I had been out of the field for 10 years so I needed some skills updates.”

“All the amazing Selmar staff really encouraged me. The trainers were lovely, caring people who wanted to have the best outcomes for the students and, ultimately, the employer. They will go above and beyond for students that may struggle in certain areas.”

Having spent decades working in Aged Care in New Zealand, Liz had skills and practical experience but needed to gain qualifications required to work in Victoria. Undertaking a course in Aged Care III and HACC in 2014, Liz developed a range of new skills and discovered valuable information to inform her career outcomes for aged care.

“It was gratifying to know that legislation is really looked at these days because I’d seen the adverse effects of not having that training. A lot of people don’t understand boundaries and quite often cross them without realizing it. You need to take the best care of your patients – look after and protect them – but also protect yourself at the same time.

“My philosophy is to put yourself in their position and if you can make their position better, then go for it. You need to get in there and not be afraid,” she said.

Rejoining the aged care sector has been personally rewarding for Liz who enjoys her work in marketing and Aged Care for the private transportation and nursing company, Call on Clare, because of the people she meets every day.

“The stories that you hear from the older generation are amazing. They have all lived incredible lives. I love hearing about what people have done through their lives, whether they’ve worked on a farm or in an office, how much money they have or haven’t got, they’ve still got a great story and a life worth telling, even if they don’t realize it.”

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