Don’t Just Get Qualified… Get Employed At A Childcare Centre!


Too often you hear about friends or family members studying something they love and then continuing to work in a job that is irrelevant to their passion.

It’s easy to feel disheartened and to start to think that getting qualified doesn’t lead to a career… It could even put you off studying altogether.

Thankfully, training with Selmar takes the stress out of finding a job once you’ve graduated. How, you ask? Because when you graduate from Selmar, you’re in high demand!

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Employers Love Selmar Graduates

The reason that so many early childhood providers love Selmar graduates is because we train you to be ready for the workplace. Our CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care graduates are guaranteed practical placements, and this includes reviews while you’re on the job during your course. The theory you’re learning is teamed with hands-on application all the way through, so you know the ins and outs of how to do your job straight away.

A Little Confidence Goes a Long Way

With all this practical training under your belt, don’t be surprised to find you have less first day jitters than others when you do land that dream job (and you will land that dream job!).

Practice really does make perfect and you’ve had plenty of it, which should set you up with a nice boost of confidence. Tackling tasks in a new environment feels less overwhelming when you go in with a sense of familiarity.

Relevant to the Real World

Your Selmar trainer will always teach you with the real world in mind. Everything that you learn will be relevant to the career that you are working towards. Our teachers are experts and have usually worked in early childhood education themselves, so they know the industry inside and out.

Training For a Profession, Not a Piece of Paper

Don’t train to finish up with a piece of paper and a bunch of unrealised dreams. Train with Selmar and chase those dreams down. The early childhood education industry needs passionate professionals who are trained to be the best. That’s exactly what we will train you to be.

So when it comes to what comes next after you’re qualified, the answer for Selmar graduates is simple: an amazing job in early childhood education.

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