Are you eligible for a free course and government subsidised priority courses?

The Victorian state government as part of its recent election promises, is offering free TAFE on a selection of priority courses for eligible students across Victoria. Priority courses were determined for industries that have a high demand for skilled workers and includes over 30 priority non-apprenticeship courses and 20 apprenticeship pathway courses.

A range of child care and aged care courses fall within the free course list. For the early childhood education and care industry in particular, this is a very welcomed outcome with limited funding experienced throughout 2018.

The good news for Victorian learners is that 2019 government funding has also been extended to limited private training organisations, including Selmar, and enables eligible learners to access free funded courses. This means eligible learners looking to access child care courses or aged care courses through Selmar, a specialist child and aged care provider, can do so for free.


Is free study really free? Are there any additional fees?

Like with any purchase it’s important you research any training provider before making a final decision. Make sure you ask if there are any additional fees such as resource fees, student fees, and text book or administration costs. Most providers do charge fees, and this can vary up to several hundreds of dollars, so make sure you ask for the total out of pocket cost for the duration of your course. You can then compare and make a considered choice against other providers.

For Selmar learners eligible for funding, the only out of pocket cost is a once off ninety nine dollar student support fee. No other additional fees are required for learner resources and access to a student support team is included. Selmar’s team of dedicated and experienced trainers are also with you from start to finish on your learner journey.

As a child and aged care training specialist, it also means Selmar has a fantastic industry network and training program designed specifically to help learners’ gain job-ready, in-demand industry training. So when it comes to getting employed, you have the skills and confidence to succeed in the workplace.


Am I eligible for a free course?

To check if you are eligible for a government-subsidised course, it’s important to check with your training provider to assess your eligibility before you decide to enrol. Information taken into account includes if you are an Australian or New Zealand citizen; or holder of a permanent visa, in school and/or your age and if you hold any previous qualifications. Proof of identity and evidence documentation is also required. The Skills Victoria website has a handy eligibility checker that may be of help.

You can also talk to Selmar’s friendly course advisor team who can help you with the eligibility process and any questions you may have. The team is available via the phone, email and even live chat online via our website.

If it turns out you aren’t eligible for a subsidised course, Selmar also enables you to opt to pay as you go through an interest-free student loan.


Are all training providers the same?

Unfortunately, as in most scenarios not all things are equal, and courses are no different, so do your research to find a provider that fits your requirements and will deliver you the best outcome opportunities. Additionally, with government funding enabling affordable training it also does not mean you get what you pay for. There are some excellent education providers to choose from, and the government is rigorous to ensure funding is only provided to quality training providers.


Questions to ask a training provider

Here are three simple questions you can ask when researching training providers:

Ask about practical training and if the provider can offer a hands-on learning experience. Child care centres and aged care facilities love candidates with job ready skills and practical experience.

Is the provider able to help organise your practical placement? As an industry specialist provider Selmar has a strong industry network and relationships so can help with this. Many of our learners find our placement support super helpful when starting out and saves time contacting centres or facilities in their area.

What type of delivery modes are available and what learner support is provided? Find a delivery mode that works with your lifestyle and learning preference. Selmar’s blended model for example, gives learners the flexibility to study anywhere at any time with access to an online learning portal in addition to a dedicated trainer and placement workplace coach.

Keep these quick tips in mind before making your final decision on where to study:

Research three to four providers, ask questions, confirm if you are eligible for funding, if there are any additional costs; and talk to centres or facilities in your area and ask who they train with. These simple steps will hopefully point you in the right direction for a rewarding learning experience.


*VIC (Skills First Program): Government subsidised training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government Funding to eligible applicants.


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