Things NOT to say in your next job interview

After the great success of our first blog giving 10 tips on how to write a resume that gets results, we were asked by our students what they should say or do that would get them results at a job interview too! There are many things you can say right at an interview. What’s more important is what NOT to say at a job interview.

top 10 tips for writing a resume that gets results
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Whether you’ve had five, fifty or zero job interviews, the nerves can still sneak up on you when the day arrives. Sometimes nerves can make us say silly things, but a bit of interview preparation can prevent those slip ups!

At Selmar we want to help you tackle the job interview process after graduating, ensuring you score a job you love! So before you head to your next job interview, make sure you read these five things that you definitely should NOT say!

What does your company do?

Before any interview, you should research, research, research! Find out what the company does, what their values are and try to gain as much understanding of them as possible. This way you’ll be sure that you are aligned with what the company stands for and be able to have a clear idea of what the role you’re applying for could involve.

I hate my job

It’s a fact of life that sometimes things won’t work out in certain jobs. However, when you’re trying to score a new job that you love, it’s best not to speak negatively about your current or previous positions. Avoid bad mouthing your current or previous employer/s in general so that your interviewer isn’t left wondering if you’ll do the same to them if they hire you.

I don’t have any questions

Your interviewer is likely to ask you if you have any questions at the end of your job interview and it’s always best to have at least one. Having none could mean you come across as disinterested or unenthusiastic about the position. Something simple like ‘When should I expect to hear from you?’, or ‘How many people work in the company/department?’.

I don’t have much experience

When you’re first starting out in an industry this may be true, but it’s better to focus on what you do have. You have an interview so they are likely already aware of your experience. If the interviewer does address your minimal experience, continue to highlight your skills and how they apply to the role, and demonstrate that you are qualified and ready for the position.

I need to get going

Leave ample time just in case your interview is late to start or goes over the expected time. Give yourself a few options for your public transport if necessary and don’t make any appointments or additional interviews back to back. Always better to play it safe, after all, your interview might just be going really well!

Remember, if you’re Selmar-qualified you have received the very best training in aged care or early childhood. And our high-quality training gives you the best chance of getting the job you really want. For more advice on getting it right in your next job interview, take a look at these five tips on how to ace your next interview!

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