Are all first aid courses found on online genuine? Here’s how to tell

You’ve been researching first aid courses online and they all seem okay, but how do you know if they are genuine? You want an accredited first aid certificate that is nationally recognised, and not all trainers offering first aid courses can deliver that.

Telling the difference between genuine, accredited first aid courses and ones that just aren’t legit can be tricky, but there are things you should know to look for. If you’re looking to start first aid training, let’s go over what you want from your trainer, and what to avoid.

Identifying a quality first aid course provider

Registered Trainer:

Look for a training provider that is registered with the state or federal government. A Registered Training Organisation (RTO) is what you need — that’s what we are.

Practical assessment:

While online learning is convenient and can be inexpensive, first aid training requires practical skills that need to be learned in a hands-on setting. Ensure your first aid training includes a workshop component. Selmar gives you the chance to do plenty of pre-learning through our online learning portal, and then apply it in a practical workshop.

Course codes:

The course you undertake should have a course code and the content should have a series of requirements and meet relevant guidelines. For example, our CPR course has the code HLTAID001 and is provided in accordance with the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) Guidelines.

Nationally recognised:

Look for the words ‘nationally recognised’ and ‘accredited first aid’ in the course information.


Signs your first aid course may not be genuine

Free course:

A free course is highly unlikely to give you a genuine first aid qualification.

Immediate sign up:

If there is any pressure or enticement to sign up right now, look elsewhere. You should be able to have a good think about any course before enrolling.


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