Gaining meaningful employment as a Permanent Resident of Australia

If you have recently becoming a Permanent Resident in Australia, Congratulations! Living in Australia gives you so many opportunities to enjoy, but you might be feeling concerned about finding employment as a Permanent Resident.

Not to worry, as there are many industries in Australia with rewarding career options for you to explore. Aged care is one example of an industry to consider with increasingly high demand for aged care workers. Child care is another booming sector for you to look into.

As a new resident, you might be finding that your overseas qualification is not recognised in Australia or you may need to undertake further study to gain recognition of your course. You might even want to have a fresh start — new country, new career?!

At Selmar our courses in aged care and child care are an ideal place for new residents to start on a rewarding career path.

There are four main reasons that you might like to consider a career in aged care or child care:

  1. You can start working right away

Course duration for our aged care and child care courses can be under one year, so you can be in a new professional career sooner than you might have expected. You could even enrol in your chosen course and gain employment within the industry while you’re studying! Earning and learning at the same time is a win/win!

  1. Flexible training

We understand that life can be busy, especially as a new resident setting up a new life down under. Our courses offer flexible study options to fit in with your life and make your training achievable.

  1. Meaningful industries

It’s easier to get up and head to work when you know you are improving the lives of others. A child care career means you help hundreds of children get the best start in life, while an aged care career means you contribute to making the later part of people’s lives more enjoyable. Both are admirable career paths with plenty of rewards.

Gain employment as a Permanent Resident of Australia by getting qualified with Selmar. We’re ready when you are. Get in touch today.

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