Celebrating Literacy and Numeracy across Australia

The 17th National Literacy and Numeracy Week was celebrated across the education industry last month. From the 31st of August to the 6th September 2015, children all around Australia participated in activities and initiatives to encourage skills in reading, writing, and mathematics.

The Australian Government launched a new Learning Potential mobile app as part of the week’s focus on education. This free app offers advice on how to get the most out of reading, writing, and mathematics with great education tips and ideas.

Former Education Minister Christopher Pyne’s media release stated “Literacy and numeracy is more important than ever, with studies, such as the recent Literacy & Numeracy Skills and Labour Outcomes, continuing to highlight the important correlation between strong literacy and numeracy skills and employment outcomes”. During the launch of the week long celebration Pyne also said, “When you’re involved in learning you can help to improve literacy, numeracy and educational outcomes.”

One of the many activities for National Literacy and Numeracy Week was Indigenous Literacy Day. This annual event encourages schools and child care centres to raise funds through a book swap for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, who’s vision is to raise literacy levels at a community level through early exposure to appropriate and quality books.

Another initiative is Read for Australia. This involved parents, carers and the broader community coming together to promote reading together.  Parents and carers are invited to a reading event in their centre or facility. Visits to local community centres, nursing homes or pre-schools are also arranged.

At Selmar, we know some centres celebrated National Literacy and Numeracy Week with books days where children and educators dress up as their favourite characters. We’d love to hear if your centre participated in any way!

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