Support and flexibility to fit in upskilling, work and parenting

Deciding to enrol to get qualified in early childhood education or to upskill your qualifications in the sector can open the door to an empowering career caring for children during their earliest years of life. This is a time of crucial brain development for children, and educators can make a lasting positive impact on children’s lives.

Alissa Warburton joined the early childhood education sector starting with a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, but she recently completed her Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care with Selmar, with the goal of upskilling and enhancing her knowledge to be the best educator possible.

As a working mum, managing a course alongside work and parenting can be a juggle, but Alissa confirms that the Selmar training experience made undertaking the Diploma achievable for her.

Learner experience: Upskilling at Selmar

Flexible online study options

Studying a course online has many benefits, such as training where and when works best for you and having all your learning materials conveniently located in a user-friendly online portal. Of course, training during a pandemic also has its challenges, with Alissa, like many learners, was juggling studying from home while caring for and home-schooling her own children.

Staying motivated and managing the workload is made easier when you have a trainer who is committed to motivating you and helping you succeed. It also helps to create a routine that incorporates the best times and places for you to fit in your studies around existing life commitments, such as parenting or working.

“I took the approach of studying at night-time when my children were sleeping, and sometimes in the early mornings,” shares Alissa.

Support throughout your early childhood course

A supportive trainer makes a huge difference to the training experience. Selmar trainers have the skills and sector experience to help learners get the most from their course. A dedicated trainer is available to support each learner, and Alissa felt she could reach out to her trainer any time.

“Usually my trainer was available when I emailed or called, and even if she was busy with another student at the time, I knew I would hear back in a short period of time.”

No matter how organised you are, life can be unpredictable for anyone at times, which means having some flexibility when you need it is important. When Alissa had to take time off from her studies for a few weeks for health reasons, she was grateful that Selmar were so flexible and understanding.

Rather than leave her study goals behind, she was able to focus on her health without the additional worry of training and assessments and get back to it when she was feeling ready.

Trainer support for learner success

Alissa with her Selmar Trainer, Lauren Noble

Upskilling to be a better educator

Choosing to upskill from a Certificate III to a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care has a lot to offer to individuals who want to develop a strong career in the sector. Upskilling can open more job opportunities, make you a higher value employee and keep you feeling inspired with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills. Plus, as Alissa puts it:

“It is always good to learn, and there is always something new to learn, no matter what age you are”.

With so many reasons to explore upskilling, including more confidence in the workplace and improved satisfaction in your career, considering a Diploma can be highly worthwhile.

Giving children a positive, inclusive start

For Alissa, a career working with and educating children was always a goal. Growing up with cousins and family friends around a lot, Alissa was always drawn to caring for children. It’s safe to say her career in early childhood education continues to be a great source of joy and fulfilment.

“I love to give children the best chance for a great future. You tell them we can’t do this, but let’s try this way. And best of all you start the day with them all giving you a big cuddle!” says Alissa.

Inclusivity in early childhood education is a particular area of importance and of interest for Alissa, centring around children living with disabilities and special needs. She is passionate about ensuring that every child is treated with equal care and given the opportunities they need to thrive in childhood and beyond.

“No matter what colour, size, shape, needs or differences someone may have, we should respect each other and treat everyone the same”.

Soft skills for educator success

To succeed as an early childhood educator, Alissa believes soft skills such as communication skills and the ability to make genuine connections with children are essential. At Selmar this is a focus for learners in via our human-centred approach to education.

We support learners in enhancing their interpersonal skills throughout their coursework and in particular with our practical placement journals. The practical placement journals encourage self-assessment and reflection, enabling learners to identify areas they need to work on and better connect with their learning material on a personal level.

If you’re thinking about joining the early childhood education sector, Alissa has one key piece of advice:

“Follow your heart! If you really want something, go for it.”

If you feel like you are ready to do just that, get in touch with us at Selmar and discover a rewarding early childhood education career.


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