Flexible training for the busy professional

Working full-time in an early learning centre, 35-year-old Tanya Atkins needed the professional qualifications to advance her career but couldn’t spend her evenings and weekends in classes at a campus.

An employer of choice for more than 500 early childhood education centres, Selmar was selected by Tanya’s workplace, Carnegie Early Learning Centre, to present training options for the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care to staff.

“Today we all need to meet the minimum qualification level to work,” explains Tanya, “so Selmar came and talked about the course and how it works.”

Understanding that every student is different, Selmar Early Childhood Education Institute provides flexible training customised to the individual needs of its students.

“What appealed to me most about Selmar was that I didn’t have to go to classes on a Saturday morning or in the evening. My trainer came to me while I’m at work, which is much more convenient than having to go anywhere – they come to me!”

Tanya said that her trainer is “always there when I needed to speak to her via email or instant message. I liked that she was really easy going, friendly and very approachable. If I needed to ask any questions or when I needed assistance, she was always there.”

Understanding rules and regulations can be challenging, but Tanya’s trainer was always there when she had questions about how existing regulations or any industry changes related to work.

Selmar combines technology with an expert industry curriculum to deliver business centric training. “All the background information was provided on a USB so whenever I needed to access information, it was there,” she says.

Working with students to unlock the right pathway for a rewarding career, Selmar empowers confident, competent and successful early childhood educators.

“My Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care allows me to be a room leader children working in a fantastic team at Carnegie Early Learning Centre – all because I have the training behind me. It was good for me to have a greater knowledge of the childcare industry.”


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