A Day In The Life Of A Home Care Assistant


So you’re thinking about a change in career, or getting back into the workplace and looking for a meaningful and rewarding job? A CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing, Home and Community) from Selmar Institute of Education might be just the starting point you’re looking for.

With a range of job outcomes to be gained after qualifying, including a home care assistant, this course provides you with the skills and understanding to assist older individuals in their day-to-day care within their own homes.

With the rise in our ageing population, aged care work is one of Australia’s fastest growing industries. It’s estimated that by 2050 we will need 830,000 aged care workers, which is an increase of over 270% by today’s statistics. *

So what is a day in the life of a home care assistant like? Let’s find out.

The basics

You’ll assist older individuals with daily tasks within their homes like showering, dressing and eating. If outings or social activities are planned, you’ll help them prepare for their day and assist them to the venue or location, often joining them for the day.

As a home care assistant, you’ll need to be fit and physically strong as you’ll often be required to help individuals in and out of their bed, bathtub, chair or in and out of a vehicle.

You may help them with grocery shopping, housework or small tasks they’re struggling to achieve themselves.

Communication is caring too

Of course, being a home care assistant is as much about providing companionship for older individuals as it is about practical care. You’ll balance good communication skills, a caring and supportive attitude along with patience and professionalism as you listen, talk and provide much-needed psychological care.

Improving the quality of someone’s life

Aged care workers often form bonds with individuals in their care, some of whom you may work with for several years. You’ll get to understand the different personalities of those you work with and may be privy to many of their life experiences as you get to know them.

The key focus to the home care assistant’s job is to make the older individual’s life easier and more comfortable – and the job is a highly rewarding one.

You can find out more about the CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing, Home and Community) here.


*Source: Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council

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