Celebrating growing up and getting older in Australia

The experience of growing up in Australia and then of course growing old is something special. Celebrating Australia should mean celebrating all this country has to offer its people, including a diverse society, laidback culture and beautiful landscapes from country to coast.

Part of our identity is defined by our relationship to Australia, making our country truly a part of who we are. Whether you work with the very youngest or oldest in our communities, celebrating Australia is something all Australians can enjoy.

Celebrating Australia in child care

Children can benefit from getting to know more about Australia from an educational perspective as well as to have fun. Incorporate the arts by exploring Australia through art, song, dance, stories and more.

Cover topics like Australia’s aboriginal community, our native animals and plants and the multicultural society we have.

Celebrating Australia in aged care

If you work in aged care, you’ll likely find that older Australians may enjoy reflecting on what they love about Australia and its people. They probably have many stories to share about where they have been and their favourite places across the country — chances are you’ll even learn a few things!

A diverse Australia

Diversity comes up time and time again when you get talking about Australia. From our deserts to tropical rainforests, rugged coast to state-of-the-art cities, we are incredibly diverse with each different area delivering a picturesque landscape. Our communities are the same, with people from all backgrounds and walks of life working together to ensure everyone gets a fair go.

Celebrating Australia can be something we do every day, or you can have a special focus on the country and our place within it on a particular date, whether it’s Australia Day, Harmony Day or another day of your choosing.

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